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PROMISED LAND - BMG 07863 67930 2
Recording By Elvis 1973

Promised Land

 1. Review by Oven Egeland
 1. Promised Land
 2. There's A Honky Tonk Angel
 3. Help Me
 4: Mr. Songman
 5. Love Song Of The Year (3:33)
 6. It's Midnight
 7. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (3:46)
 8. If You Talk In Your Sleep
 9. Thinking About You
10. You Asked Me To
11. Loving Arms
12. I Got A Feelin' In My Body
13. If That Isn't Love
14. She Wears My Ring
15. My Boy
16. Spanish Eyes
17. Talk About The Good Times
18. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

"A REAL re-issue"
(Review by Oven Egeland)

I did the major mistake, never even listen to this CD before I gave it a thumbs down!

Based on the fact that I knew at least one of the songs featured were extended; I went a long and bought the CD some weeks ago. This is one of the few re-issue CD's that I truly can recommend! In fact it is a new CD, and that not alone due to the fact that there are bonus tracks!

Several of the songs on this CD have been re-mixed (not only "digitally re-mastered")! This is most significantly audible on 'If That Isn't Love'. At last has this song been treated with the respect it deserves, away is the awful "in the can" sound that the master suffered from for over 25 years! Back is a truly great sounding master of one of the best deliveries (in my opinion) ever made by Elvis.

Almost all masters are greatly improved. Elvis' vocal, backing vocals (especially Kathy Westmoreland) and all instruments are brilliantly up-front! I'm a bit more reserved on the numbers 'Help Me' and 'Mr. Songman'. Both these are a bit more hissy than before, I think! Also 'If You Talk In Your Sleep' is poorly mixed, with too much "room" sound this time.

In addition to generally great sound, some titles do also have longer running time than originally. 'Love Song Of The Year' runs for 3:33 (3:13 originally), while 'You're Loves Been A Long Time Coming' runs for 3:46 (originally 2:53).

Thumbs up for this one!

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