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RAISED ON ROCK - BMG 88697 12843 2
Recordings 1973


CD # 1 CD # 2

 1. Review by Oven Egeland
Original release and outtakes

Raised On Rock
Are You Sincere
Find Out What's Happening
I Miss You
Girl Of Mine
For Ol' Times Sake
If You Don't Come Back
Just A Little Bit
Sweet Angeline
Three Corn Patches
I Miss You (10/11 [splice*])
Find Out What's Happening (6) [Ess. Elvis Vol. 5]
It's Diff'rent Now (Rehearsal, unedited)
Three Corn Patches (1*, 2*)
If You Don't Come Back (5) [Made In Memphis]
Girl Of Mine (9) [Ess. Elvis Vol. 5]
I Miss You (5*)
Three Corn Patches (13*, 14*)
Are You Sincere (2) [Platinum]
Find Out What's Happening (8/7 [splice*])
For Ol' Times Sake (4*)
Color My Rainbow (instrumental*)
Sweet Angeline (instrumental*)

* Denotes previously
unreleased material
Different mixes and outtakes

For Ol' Times Sake (rough-mix)
If You Don't Come Back (rough-mix)
Find Out What's Happening (rough-mix)
Raised On Rock (rough-mix)
Three Corn Patches (w/fs) (rough-mix)
Just A Little Bit (rough-mix)
If You Don't Come Back (1*, 2*, 3) [Ess. Elvis Vol. 5]
I Miss You (1*) [Today, Tomorrow And Forever]
Girl Of Mine (1*)
Find Out What's Happening (1*, 2*, *4, 5*)
Three Corn Patches (4*, 5, 6) [Made In Memphis]
For Ol' Times Sake (Take 5*, 6*, 7*)
I Miss You (10*)
If You Don't Come Back (8*, 6*)
Find Out What's Happening (8*, 7) [Made In Memphis]
Are You Sincere (1) [Our Mememories Of Elvis Vol. 1]
Girl Of Mine (3*, 4*, 5*, 6*)
Three Corn Patches (9*, 10*)
I Miss You (12*, 13*, 14*, 15 [M])
The Wonders You Perform (instrumental*)
Good, Bad, But Beautiful (instrumental*)
CD-1 contains the original masters, plus some outtakes. CD-2 contains the rough-mix masters made by Felton Jarvis. In addition CD-2 also contains several outtakes.

A Perfect delivery!
(Review by Oven Egeland)

Follow That Dream sure delivers this time! The mediocre studio sessions in July shines on this double album due to the MARVELOUS sound quality! Simply perfect!

Two years ago FTD released "Elvis Today" as a double CD. The sound was not good, although it certainly had deserved proper sonic attention. Two years later another classic album finally gets the decent treatment.

From the vast selection of outtakes I prefer 'I Miss You' take 5 and takes 5 to 7 of 'For Ol' Times Sake'. Even though all takes of this latter are incomplete, the feel is nice. Elvis certainly used heavy language, but somehow he sounds relaxed and balanced. A stark contrast to what we have heard about these sessions over the years.

Elvis sure is influenced by something on July 22, when he sings 'Three Corn Patches', 'It's Diff'rent Now' and 'If You Don't Come Back'. It's most noticeable on 'Three Corn Patches'. But there is a lot of humor all the same, like when Elvis starts take 2 of the song in HIGH volume and when he struggles with the popping "p".

For some reasons FTD decided not to include the hysterical 'Surrender' found on Essential Elvis Vol. 5. It would have blended perfectly in here, where it belongs!

It's a crying shame to hear all the takes of 'Girl Of Mine' with a dreadfully bad microphone. No wonder Elvis left the studio when he found out...

Four backing tracks - two at the end of each CD - is a nice inclusion as well.

One helluva release, simple as that!

© , Norway, July 2007

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