Caller:  What ya been doing, recording there? 
Elvis:      That's what I was doing, I was in the process of making an album but
the eye thing blew everything sideways, ya know.

Caller:    Oh ya?
Elvis:    I gotta go to L.A. (Los Angeles, California) and spend Easter with
my family. I gotta make a Christmas album, a gospel album and a couple of

Caller:  Ya
Elvis:      That's what I've been doing here...going a short tour, be back in
Vegas this summer ya know.

Caller:  Oh ya? When do you think you'll be there?
Elvis:    I don't know, Ron. July or August.

Caller:  July or August?
Elvis:    Probably go a short tour before then.

Caller:  Man, I sure want to thank you for your good time in Vegas. We
really had a good time, my wife and I.
Elvis:    I'm glad you all did!

Caller:  If you'll be there again maybe we can make it.
Elvis:    I'll be there in August, same place. It's usually a better crowd in
August, more exciting, younger kids since schools out.

Caller:  You get a wilder crowd?
Elvis:    Not really wilder, more exciting.

Caller:  I tried calling your house today. You must have your number changed.
Elvis:    Ya I did. They're bothering the hell out of my wife. We're in the
process of interior decorating and every interior decorator  in the world
knows about it. They're all calling they don't care what time of the night
they call. So I changed it for her.

Caller:  How is she and the girl?
Elvis:    They're all fine. She's fine. The babys been taking swimming lessons.
She's 3 years old. She turned 3 when I was in Vegas.

Caller:  Ya I remember you telling me you had to charter a plane to fly all
the presents back.
Elvis:    That's for damn sure. The kid got more presents!

Caller:  Any problems with the earthquake?
Elvis:    No, No. That hotel almost fell over that's how much it was rocking
back and forth. Went to bed at 6 a.m., Cilla was there, the bed was
moving...I got up and walked down that hallway with a flashlight in one hand
and a gun in the other. The chandalier over the dining room table was
shaking back and forth. Weirdest thing in my life, Ron.

Caller:  I think that happened the Monday we left. When Pricilla came in? We
saw her at the airport when we left.
Elvis:    Ya, right. The next day it happened. I opened the door thought the
wind was blowing no wind was blowing. The weirdest thing!

Caller:  Here in Denver they're not as bad. It's a wild feeling.
Elvis:    Weirdest thing I've ever had. The big hotel was moving I was headed
for the elevator in my underwear.

Caller:  Everybodys doing fine.
Elvis:    Tell them I asked about them and I'm doing okay. The eye thing was
more serious than they put in the papers.

Caller:  You never know if they are playing it up or playing it down in the papers.
Elvis:     I tell them what to print in the papers. I told them to print that I
just had an "eye infection". It was really glaucoma. I'm okay, it's all
cleared up.

Caller:  Do you have a phone number for me to reach Lamar?
Elvis:    Charlie...give him  a number to reach Lamar. I'm gonna take off now.

Caller:  Tell Joe and Sonny I said hello.
Elvis:    I got promoted to 4th degree black belt.

Caller:  That's great. (Asks about someone)
Elvis:    (Confused) They don't live here. My Grandmother and aunt live here.
They live down the street. I'll tell them you said hello.

Caller:  Everything okay?
Charlie: Lamars number is 615-865-2834.

Caller:  Did he ever mention a reel of tape from me?
Charlie: No he didn't

Caller:  Everything okay?
Charlie: Seems to be.

Caller:  Something like that can be plenty damn serious. Better let you go,
Charlie. Thanks for talkin.

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