THE AMERICAN WAY VOL. 1 (Southern Comfort 1-6969) (Released 2006)
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American Sound Studio

 1: In The Ghetto (1)
 2: In The Ghetto (2)
 3: In The Ghetto (3)
 4: In The Ghetto (4)
 5: In The Ghetto (5, 6, 7)
 6: In The Ghetto (7, 8, 9, 10)
 7: In The Ghetto (11, 12 [only seconds])
 8: Suspicious Minds (1)
 9: Suspicious Minds (2, 3)
10: Suspicious Minds (4)
11: Suspicious Minds (5)
12: Suspicious Minds (6)
13: Suspicious Minds (7)
14: Kentucky Rain (1)
15: Kentucky Rain (2, 3)
16: Kentucky Rain (4, 5)
17: Kentucky Rain (6, 7)
18: Kentucky Rain (8)
19: Kentucky Rain (9)
20: Rubberneckin' (reh, 1)
21: Don't Cry Daddy (undubbed master) [acetate]
22: Mama Liked The Roses (undubbed master) [acetate]

Content: 4  Sound: 5  Artwork: 6

Formula one!
(Review by Oven Egeland)

The question is simple: How many times can you release something great and maintain the greatness. There is of course a limit and crossing the limit makes great less great. RCA has certainly made this error in their past, and some may find that FTD are pushing their limits too!

The material from Memphis 1969 has yielded several great CD's, both officially and on bootlegs. The two bootlegs; American Crown Jewels and Finding The Way Home are the most popular of all bootlegs released, according to Import Top 10. In addition other outings have focused on this material in a wider and more complete way.

"The American Way" is planned to be a series of 5 CD's in total and volume 1 offers different takes of the most popular songs from the January and February sessions. Based on pre-release hyping, I was expecting more than this first CD gives. The master takes are not included for one - which is very often the case with bootlegs releases, anyway. Secondly only first half of the 'In The Ghetto' takes are available. Further, the rehearsal part of 'Suspicious Minds' found on Memphis Sessions is not available here. Last, but not least, it is all in mono. However, the sound quality is pristine, even better than on American Crown Jewels.

All in all this is a CD that brings excellent material accompanied by a nice booklet and should be very interesting for those without a stockpile of other CD's featuring this material. For those who have been around for a while, it of course is less interesting!

© , Norway, December 2006

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