THE AMERICAN WAY VOL. 5 (Southern Comfort 5-6969) (Released 2007)
Cover American Sound Studio and Live

 1: Without Love (1, 2, 3) [complete + 2xfs]
 2: Without Love (4) [complete]
 3: Without Love (5) [complete]
 4: Gentle On My Mind (vocal overdub [M])
 5: Just A Little Bit Of Green (undubbed master)
 6: Wearin' That Loved On Look (partially overdubbed master)
 7: Suspicious Minds (vocal overdub [M])
 8: I'll Be There (5, 6) [fs + complete (with vocal echo)]
 9: Hey Jude (undubbed master)
10: You'll Think Of Me (vocal overdub [M])
11: Inherit The Wind (partially overdubbed master)
12: This Is The Story (1, 2) [fs + vocal overdub [M])
13: Sammy Shore speech/Opening Riff [Las Vegas, Jan. 26 1970]
14: All Shook Up [Las Vegas, Jan. 26 1970]
15: Don't Cry Daddy [Las Vegas, Jan. 26 1970]
16: Walk A Mile In My Shoes / In The Ghetto [Las Vegas, Jan. 26 1970]
17: True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [Las Vegas, Jan. 26 1970]
18: Goin' Home (3, 4) [studio chat + 2xfs] [Acetate]
19: Goin' Home (5) [complete] [Acetate]
20: Goin' Home (9, 10, 11) [3xfs] [Acetate]
21: Goin' Home (12, 13, 14) [2xfs + lfs] [Acetate]
22: Goin' Home (16, 17, 18) [lfs + 5xfs]
23: Goin' Home (19, 20, 22) [lfs + 2xfs]
24: Goin' Home (23, 24) [complete take with cut ++]
25: Goin' Home (25, 26, 27, 28) [fs + complete take with cut + 2xfs]

Content: 3  Sound: 4-  Artwork: 6

One volume too many...
(Review by Oven Egeland)

After four volumes in this series it became clear already at the announcing point that volume 5 would be a mixed bag content wise. Only one remaining track from the American Sound sessions - 'Without Love' - to include, the rest of the CD is filled with other material. As for 'Without Love', all takes have been out before and even in stereo (officially and on Let It Roll). Here they come in mono.

After 'Without Love' some dubious "American Sound" tracks are included, first out being a "stripped channel" version of 'Gentle On My Mind'. This was also done on another "Bilko" release many years ago, namely The Other Side Of Memphis. Actually if you compare 'Gentle On My Mind' on this new release with the old release mentioned you will find that the instruments lacking on one version are audible at the other, and vice versa! It has of course nothing to with "rough mix versions" as stated by Southern Comfort; it simply is an incomplete piece of the whole picture.

Running time is slightly longer and some tracks contain talking before etc, but there is nothing new here I'm afraid. The "echo" version of 'I'll Be There' is terrible in my point of view. I wonder if this echo was present already at recording? I think not, even though it has been released like this before. More likely this is an old doctored version from the beginning era of home computers?

The tracks from the Opening show in Las Vegas, January 26 1970 have hardly sounded duller than on this release. The opening act does not sound as coming from the same show, but that could be due to technical issues, perhaps? Anyway, there really was no need for the inclusion of these tracks as they all (except the opening comedy act) are widely available in better sound. The new release of this show Opening Night - January 1970 from Madison is a different story, however.

Tagged onto the end are some terribly sounding acetate versions of 'Going Home'. Mah Boy! The four last tracks of the very same song are thankfully in much better sound.

This nice series should have stopped already at volume 4. This volume 5 has the potential to reduce the overall good feeling of the series. At the same time some fans even want another volume. It goes without saying that it is impossible to make everybody happy...

© , Norway, May 2008

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