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TOO HOT TO HANDLE - (Hot) (Released 2001)

1.  Review by Alexander Kling
Computerized, faked tracks

Tomorrow Night
Power Of My Love
Any Day Now
Mama Liked The Roses
Hey Jude
Do You Know Who I Am
Gentle On My Mind
Don't Cry Daddy
Who Am I
My Little Friend
You'll Think Of Me
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
Suspicious Minds
Kentucky Rain
Seperate Ways
Spanish Eyes
Reach Out To Jesus
Steamroller Blues
Promised Land
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Content: 1+  Sound: 4  Artwork: 3

Review by Alexander Kling

What a shit CD! Everything on this CD can be found on other bootlegs and BMG CDs.

Everything is a big joke! The songs from 1969 are taken from American Crown Jewels, The Other Side Of Memphis and from Only The Songs Survive. The live track is from the Alternate Aloha show, and the worst thing of all is the faked duet on the Spanish Eyes.

'Hey Jude' and 'Mama Liked The Roses' is from American Rejects, but in the worst faked stereo I have ever heard.

'Suspicious Minds' and the rest of the song from 1969 is from the already existing boot CDs, but on this one they sound so poor. Just listen to the 'Suspicious Minds' from this CD and compare this with the same song on American Crown Jewels.

This released is a big joke and the people behind this release tries to cheat the entire bootlegs fan to buy this shit.

My only questions I ask my self after I have listen to this shit; Is it the producer who sings the duet with Elvis on the master version of 'Spanish Eyes' or some of his friend? One thing is for sure, no one have done this duet with Elvis back in 1973!

All tracks can be found on these bootleg/RCA CD's:

Good Times - "Fake duet" but undubbed version)
American Crown Jewels
American Rejects
Only The Song Survive
The Other Side Of Memphis
Get A Time Life (CD-R)
Alternate Aloha
Complete 50's Masters
Pure Diamonds Volume 4

© Alexander Kling, Sweden, August 30 2001

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