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VIVA LAS VEGAS - BMG 82876 50412 2
Recording By Elvis 1963


Viva Las Vegas

 1. Review by Oven Egeland
Updated soundtrack

 1: Viva Las Vegas
 2: What'd I Say
 3: If You Think I Don't Need You
 4: I Need Somebody To Lean On
 5: C'mon Everybody
 6: Today, Tomorrow And Forever
 7: Santa Lucia
 8: Do The Vega
 9: Night Life
10: Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas
11: The Lady Loves Me
12: You're The Boss
13: Today, Tomorrow And Forever (duet) (1, 2*) [Today, Tomorrow...]
14: Viva Las Vegas (1, 2) [Silver Screen Stereo]
15: Night Life (3) [Out In Hollywood]
16: C'mon Everybody (1, 2, 3) [Silver Screen Stereo]
17: I Need Somebody To Lean On (8) [Out In Hollywood]
18: The Lady Loves Me (9) [Silver Screen Stereo]
19: You're The Boss (3) [Silver Screen Stereo]
20: Today, Tomorrow And Forever (3, 4*) [Silver Screen Stereo]
21: What'd I Say (1, 2)
22: If You Think I Don't Need You (5, 7)
23: C'mon Everybody (6, 7)
24: Do The Vega (1)
25: The Climb (9) [Sung by Georgie McFadden and The Jordanaires]

Tracks in green denotes previously unreleased takes (officially).

Elvis and Ann-Margret
(Review by Oven Egeland)

This updated soundtrack album of Viva Las Vegas is presented in the same manner as the previously 3 updated soundtrack album; Girl Happy, Fun In Acapulco and finally It Happened At The World's Fair. The CD is housed in a colorful gatefold pack with appropriate pictures and necessary information. Inside you will also find a booklet telling more about the movie and the soundtrack. A nice delivery!

After the original EP soundtrack, you will find the additional mastertakes and several bonus tracks, only 5 of which has never been released officially before.

The sound quality is very good all the way through and of course better than on these high quality bootlegs mentioned above.

'What'd I Say' take 1 and 2 is new to most Elvis fans. I had hoped for at better arrangement on these outtakes, but the complete take 2 is almost identical to the final master. Elvis' voice is too up-front for my liking. The movie takes of 'C'mon Everybody' runs significantly faster than the record version. Elvis is weak in his voice on the movie mastertake (7). 'The Climb' is a number where Elvis only attends and directs the recording. George McFadden sings lead, while The Jordanaires are backing. Perhaps Elvis also sings together with The Jordanaires? We get three takes of this song, though only take 9 is listed.

I recommend this CD to all Elvis fans. Such dedication from FTD should be supported!

© , Norway, January 2004
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