The result of the votin after a total of 504 votes:

1. A Complete Concert From August 1970 32% 162 Votes.
Comments:    August 10 (Midnight show) released on
      -One Night In Vegas (FTD)

   August 11 (Midnight show) released on
      -Live In Las Vegas

   August 12 (Midnight show) released on
      -That's The Way It Is (30th Anniversary Ed.)
2. A Complete Concert From August 1969 30% 151 Votes.
Comments:    August 23 (Midnight show) released on
      -Elvis At The International (FTD)

   August 24 (Dinner show) released on
       -Live In Las Vegas
3. A Concert From 1976 (Gold Box Alternative) 16% 80 Votes.
Comments: Why so many? We have several greatsounding bootlegs
from this period. And Elvis wasn't exactly in his prime.

   Tucson, June 1 1976 show released on
       -Tucson '76 (FTD)
4. The Complete Elvis In Concert (1977) 13% 66 Votes.
Comments: This was my choice.... Even though Elvis was out of it,
I think this material is fascinating.
5. The Complete Memphis Concert (1974) 5% 25 Votes.
Comments: A pitty! I really would love this concert in great sound!!
Just listen to Steamroller Blues on the Platinum box.
6. A Complete Concert From April 1972 (On Tour) 4% 20 Votes.
Comments: The Hampton Roads concert April 9 is great I think.
It really deserves a release on the BMG label sometime.

   Jacksonville, April 18 1972 released on
      -Close Up (disc 4)

I have sent the result to Ernst Jorgensen at BMG.

Thanks to everyone that contributed!!
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