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DOUBLE DYNAMITE (Rock Legends 1009) (Released 1998)

Las Vegas, August 19 1970 (both shows)

Double Dynamite
Double Dynamite
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Las Vegas, August 19 1970 (D.S.):
Tiger Man - I Got A Woman/Amen - Elvis Talks - (Love Me Tender) (edited out) - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Polk Salad Annie - The Wonder Of You - Heartbreak Hotel - One Night - Blue Suede Shoes - Along Came Jones (one line) - Hound Dog - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Suspicious Minds - Can't Help Falling In Love
Las Vegas, August 19 1970 (M.S.):
Intro - That's All Right - I Got A Woman - Tiger Man - Elvis talks - Love Me Tender - I've Lost You - I Just Can't Help Believin' - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Polk Salad Annie - Band introductions - The Wonder Of You - Heartbreak Hotel - One Night - All Shook Sp - Blue Suede Shoes - Hound Dog - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Suspicious Minds - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp

Content: 5   Sound: 3   Artwork: 4

Review by Oven Egeland

Both CD's brings us back to Las Vegas August 19. CD number 1 contains the Dinner show, while the second features the midnight show. It is an audience-recorded source that has been used for this release. Still, today, these audience-recorded concerts are released from time to time. This release makes perfect sense, however. First of all it is a good source Rock Legends have used for this one. Secondly, Elvis in 1970 was extremely good!!

None of the concert contains any rarities. On some of these post-"That's The Way It Is" concerts, Elvis revealed much humour and sung rare songs not showed while MGM filmed earlier in August. Examples are 'When The Snow Is On The Roses' and the Johnny Cash-medley; 'Folsom Prison Blues/I Walk The Line'.

On the other hand almost every song is performed the best way Elvis could, and what more can we ask for??

It is not easy to come up with things to say about a concert from 1969 or 1970. It is simply close to perfect; nothing more, nothing less!!

I wonder, though if this shouldn't have been a single-CD release instead of a double. If you have to be very selective in your choice of bootlegs, a double audience-recorded CD can be a bit heavy. Especially when it features two concerts from the same day.

The Artwork is of standard Rock Legends quality. Good, and actually better than most others! A plus for that!!

# note: Love Me Tender has been edited out of CD-1. It lasted for decades, and was removed. Here is the story from the man who recorded this show, and his explanation of why he removed 'Love Me Tender' from the tape:

"Another favorite story of mine is from the August 19, 1970 DS and why I felt the need to edit it. Elvis seemed very unusual that evening. A lady at my table even made comments that she thought he seemed drunk. Of course, I had no such thoughts at that time, but in retrospect, he did seem influenced by something. It was during his rendition of "Love Me Tender" that he got out of control and went on much too long with the socializing part of it. The audience became bored with it and at first began clapping in unison for him, to get on with the show. But he ignored them and just continued with what he was doing. Then, the audience began to "boo" him. I did not want my friends to hear this, because some of them already thought I was crazy liking him so much, so I edited out the "Love Me Tender" section and I have since misplaced the original. Even though he was stoned on something, he went on to perform a great show, although you can hear him fall on his face and mess up "Polk Salad Annie" in this show. Still, at that time, I never suspected anything. I didn't even question how he was behaving." (Rick Rennie)

© Oven Egeland, Elvis In Norway.

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