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Elvis Now In Person 1972
A 4-CD release sporting selections of the offical recordings from spring 1972. Both live, studio and rehearsals. It comes as an addition to a book release, thus expensive to get hold of.

CD-1 contains all masters from February glued in among other live songs to make it almost like a complete show. Most of the (non master) concert tracks were first relesed on An American Trilogy. It rounds off with 7 previously unreleased recordings.

CD-2 contains a mix of the rehearsals held at both studio C and A in Hollywood, March 30 and 31, 1972. The studio C session was almost like a real recording session, while everything in studio A was somewhat less restricted.

CD-3 mix four concerts on one disc. Both CD-2 and CD-3 was released in this format on LP, just after the Legacy CD release Elvis On Tour in 2023.

CD-4 contains the ill-recorded rehearsal in Buffalo, April 5, just some hours before Elvis first live concert on the tour that would be covered in the movie documentary "Elvis On Tour".

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Summer of '76
This 3 CD release from Follow That Dream contains three soundboard recordings from tour number 20.

CD-1 contains the afternoon show from Charleston, July 24. One of the very first soundboard releases on bootleg featured the evening show from this day (Hurt).

CD-2 is also unreleased in any soundboard form and takes us 5 days further into the tour.

CD-3 is the first official release of one of the most infamous show Elvis ever performed. Released way back in 1994 from Fort Baxter, Bicentennial Elvis Experience gave us Elvis in poor form and magnificent sound.

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The How Great Thou Art Sessions (FTD)
Another release in the "complete" session catalgoue. Sporting 5 CD's with virtually all takes recorded in May 1966 (and some from June), producing the criticly acclaimed "How Great Thou Art" album, plus other singles and movie album fillers.

Containing virtually all from the 'How Great Thou Art' sessions and also masters and outtakes of songs used for other releases. Mixed from scratch using the original 3-track masters.

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August Season In Vegas - Hilton Hotel 1974 (FTD)
This 3 CD release from Follow That Dream contains three soundboards from Las Vegas season number 11.

We already have several shows made available from soundboard, both by bootleggers and officially by BMG/SONY and FTD. These three shows do not stick out in any way, well know august 1974 material, to put it that way. Though, it is worth noting that all three shows are after Elvis had to cancel the concert on August 26 due to flu.

Somehow these three show from Aug 27, 29 and 30 hints on what will come some days later, where especially the closing show on September 2 sticks out major wise. This concert will most likely never be released officially, but can be found on bootlegs, first issued by Fort Baxter in 1996 on Desert Storm.

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Aloha From Hawaii Legacy (SONY 2023)
A 3-CD edition, plus a blu-ray of Aloha From Hawaii from FTD.

CD-1 contains the main show, CD-2 contains the "rehersal" show, while CD-3 contains the insert songs sessions after the main show on January 14.

All has been mixed by Matt Ross-Spang, and the so-called rehearsal show is now presented in a new mix (same mixing approach as on the main show), whereas the FTD release only had his work on the main show and the after show recordings.

All video material previously released on different VHS, DVD and so forth are now available on the blu-ray found on this Legacy release.

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Houston, Ft. Worth, Baton Rouge '74 (FTD)
This 3 CD release from Follow That Dream contains three soundboards from tour number 9 and 11. CD-1 contains the well-known show from Houston as heavily bootlegged through the years (March 3 Evening show). First issued on Event Number 8th on a fabric pressed bootleg. The sound on the offical version is on par with the bootleg, though compressed and with higher volume output.

CD-2 contains the evening show from June 15 in Ft. Worth. Elvis held 4 concerts here in two days (June 15 and 16) and with this we have all of them. The tour opening show as released on a bootleg called The Man In White Vol 1, while the June 16 shows recently were made available on the FTD label (Elvis: Fort Worth, Texas).

CD-3 takes us to Baton Rouge on June 17. As Elvis explained in another show, Baton Rouge means red stick in English.

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The Making Of Blue Hawaii (FTD)
A 5-CD containg the almost complete Blue Hawaii Sessions. Comes with a large and expensive book, but it is said that the CD-only version will follow later.

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As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (FTD)
A 3-CD edition of "As Recorded At Madison Square Garden" from FTD.

CD-1 contains the main show, originally released just a good week after the event. CD-2 contains the afternoon show from the same day. This was first released on An Afternoon In The Garden. CD-3 contains some 20+ minutes of the press conference Elvis held the day before, on June 9.

Both concert has been mixed by Matt Ross-Spang, probably using earlier digital transfers, like with other projects he has worked on.

You either like his work or not. It brings out something not heard before, but I prefer the original mix personally. This one reminds me of the 'Prince From Another Planet' mix, though less muddy.

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Let Me Be There (FTD)
This 3-CD release from Follow That Dream contains three soundboard recordings from the 10th season in Las Vegas. All three shows featured are previously unavailable.

Elvis was in good shape during this season, singing new songs and several songs he omitted the previous year. Unfortuneately all CDs comes in wrong speed and pitch. CD-3 sticks out here.

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Elvis On Tour 50th ann.

Elvis On Tour 50th ann.
ELVIS ON TOUR 50th ann.
This 6-CD release from Sony Legacy contains all 4 concerts recorded during the Elvis On Tour project. Also two CDs with rehearsals, after the official recording session and before the tour began (March 30 and 31).

The Hampton Road concert (April 9 evening show) is among the best Elvis did in his lifetime, and certainly among the best ever recorded professionally. It is a show that has almost all. The mix of 'See See Rider' and 'I Got A Woman-Amen', 'Polk Salad Annie', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight', 'How Great Thou Art' and 'American Trilogy' represents so much Elvis, and most performances are impossible to better. The inclusion of 'Sweet Sweet Spirit' by J. D. Sumner and the Stamps is just underscooring the special touch this concert has.

I was hoping for a different level of sound quality and of course a flawless tape, but that is not how it is. The beginning of 'I Got A Woman' has severe microphone dropouts. A pity and quite surprising that Sony did not fix this, as the lost vocal is available. The movie Elvis On Tour proves this.

The Richmond show from the day after has perhaps even better mixing, but I'm surprised how poor these On Tour recordings are in terms of general sound quality. I simply thought they were better. The Greensboro show from April 14 is almost dire. The bootleg of this show as found (first) on Greensboro Revolution must be have been sourced from the MGM tapes. It is very different, and in many way better than found on this official release. Though not so refined, of course.

The San Antonio concert from April 18 has the best sound quality, and the only one without a "soundboard touch". It sounds like a professional recording. Yet, the sonic quality is not on par with what can be found on Close Up (brilliant mastering), but the mixing here is better.

In general the mixing made by Matt Ross-Spang is very good, but I do not agree on his use of echo. Almost all CD releases from him - except the Aloha 3 CD release - has a somewhat "being there" approach, but still a distant - cellufan - touch over them. You hear every instrument and voices that was present, you are close to it all, but still so far away. Somewhat unnatural...

The same echo effect has been used on disc 5 and 6 which contains most of the material from the rehearsal sessions on March 30 ("Mock Up Session") and March 31.

Added to the package is also the movie Elvis On Tour on DVD. This is the same version as released for the first time in 2012, meaning that the original opening sequence with Johnny B. Goode is altered using live version of 'Don't Be Cruel' instead.

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ELVIS: From Louisiana And Memphis (FTD)
This 4-CD release from Follow That Dream that contains three soundboard recordings from tour number 19. It includes the well known, often bootlegged, Memphis show from July 5th 1976. Elvis' last concert in his hometown.

The two other shows are from Shreveport and Baton Rough, July 1st and 2nd respectively. Neither of those have been made available from soundboard recordings source before. The sound quality is very good, as with all other shows from this tour; Greensboro June 30, Ft. Worth July 3, Tulsa July 4 and finally Memphis July 5.

A pity that there were no place for the Buffalo concert on June 25 (tour opener). Perhaps the best of the Summer concerts from this year?

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ELVIS: Las Vegas '71 (FTD)
This 3 CD release from Follow That Dream contains three soundboard recordings from Las Vegas season 4. All three shows have been out on bootleg releases, many times.

Generally the sound is quite good, though far from perfect. Elvis does good concerts and shines when he is motivated, which is not the case all the time.

A pity that there were no place for the February closing show soundboard, as released long time ago on Showroom Internationale '71.

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Devil In Disguise - The Lost Album (FTD)
A 3-CD release from FTD containing all songs recorded during May '63. Sans a false start (take 7) of 'Love Me Tonight', the material have been released officially before.

Recorded, for the most part, over two days in May 1963, these performances ended up being scattered over several releases between 1963 and 1968. It would not be until 1990 that the songs finally appeared as originally intended on a proper RCA vinyl album.

Mastered and mixed by Sebastian Jeansson and Vic Anesini.

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From Vegas To Tahoe (FTD)
This 3 CD release from Follow That Dream contains two sound booth recordings (or simply good audience recordings?) from Las Vegas season 8. And then a very good sounding soundboard recording from Lake Tahoe, May 12 1973.

The Lake Tahoe show is the Midnight show, meaning the show just before the "Mother's Day Special" found on FTD's Takin' Tahoe Tonight. [Extra show during the night from May 12 to May 13].

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Pine Bluff To Madison (FTD)
Sporting two concerts Autumn 1976. Several shows from these tours have been released earlier, both officially and on bootlegs. But none of these two.

The sound quality is good on both shows, surprisingly so on the tour-end concert in Pine Bluff. A pity the complete concert was not recorded.

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Aloha From Hawaii (FTD)
A 3-CD edition of Aloha From Hawaii to be released by FTD.

CD-1 contains the main show, CD-2 contains the "rehearsal" show, while CD-3 contains the insert songs sessions after the main show on January 14.

The songs recorded on January 14 has been mixed by Matt Ross-Spang, while the rehearsal show from January 12 uses the mix first released on the Legacy release (Mixed by Rob Santos).

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Released in December 2021 is this double 5" CD, featuring two shows from tour No 13, April 1975.

One afternoon show from April 26 in Tampa, Florida and one evening show from May 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. It displays Elvis in a well-known spring/early summer mood. 'Steamroller Blues' from Atlanta was made available already many years ago on Southern Nights (2006).

The sound quality is good. Heavy focus on the piano, but the Tampa show has quite good overall balance.

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The Pot Luck Sessions
A 5-CD release from Follow That Dream containing songs recorded in Nashville 1961 and 1962 that would later be included in the Elvis Pot Luck album. 'Stepping Out Of Line' is omitted, though. It was misplaced on the original album in my view. Perhaps I'm not alone thinking so?

On these 5 CDs there are several previously unreleased takes (officially), but for the die hard fans little is new, as these sessions have been bootlegged numerous times during the last 30 years.. at least. The sound quality is perfect, if that is ever possible. Studio B in the early 60's stood for good recordings using fresh tapes of good quality. And those responsible for both mixing and mastering knows how to handle a good source (S. Jeansson and V. Anesini)!

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Elvis Back In Nashville
A 4-CD release from Sony Legacy label containing all songs recorded in Nashville 1971. The first two CD contains the master takes, while the other two sports outtakes of several selections recorded. Most of the material is already available since long, but there are some new false starts and even one new complete take. The songs have been mastered by Matt Ross-Spang, like with From Elvis In Nashville (1970). Using previously digital transfers.

The masters on this release are often stripped down versions, alluding an undubbed take. For many songs this works wonders, while some appear a little awkward. Unfortunately backup singers sometimes bleed into the sound, giving a feeling that something is missing, something went wrong. Most likely this is due to bleed through Elvis microphone?

Otherwise the sonic impression is constantly good and especially the piano-driven songs benefits from Ross-Spangs master/mixing. A song like 'An Evening Prayer' from He Touched Me album really shines in this mix. In general the tracks from He Touched Me has been given a sort of a "mono and a half" treatment. Not really good on paper, but I think it works great for the most.

This is the first time I can listen through 'We Can Make The Morning' without feeling somewhat embarrassed. Elvis' vocal is good, but was drowned down by a surprisingly bad female vocal backup. The master take is featured twice, one without backup singers, and one with! The stripped version gives a better impression of Elvis' vocal performance. The same could be said with 'Padre'; it gives a better impression of Elvis' vocal shape, than the final masters did.

So, in general I welcome the approach taken by Ross-Spang, even with its flaws. For most of the songs I hear something new, something different. Not bad, given the material in question. I even welcome the stripped version of 'It's Only Love', even though it tampers with the original recording. And most likely Elvis would have disapproved to remove the male backup singers he wanted on the recording.

I have not yet listened to the Christmas songs. It is just too early, 'Merry Christmas, Baby' being an exception. It's an all season song, just like 'Blue Christmas'..:-). Merry is really a let-down, very little works in my view. The mixing does not, and the sonic quality of the master take does not. The original tape containing this song must be lost since long.

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A 2-CD release from Follow That Dream containing soundboard recordings from Ft. Worth, Texas. Afternoon and evening show on June 16 1974. Both shows are previously unreleased, also unofficially (bootlegs).

The June 15 show from the same place was released on The Man In White Vol. 1 20 years ago. These new FTD recordings have the same kind of mix, but much better fidelity than the unofficial outting from the bootleggers.

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ELVIS: Las Vegas Hilton 1973
A 2-CD release from Follow That Dream containing soundbooth recordings from Las Vegas 1973.

The August 20 Midnight show was first released on A Profile Vol. 1 box 26 years ago. Sound wise they are similar, but perhaps the old one is even better than the new?

The second CD features an extra 3am show (middle of the night). On Saturday, September 1 Elvis held three concerts in a row. First dinner show, then midnight show and ultimately this night show. The show has been dated to September 2 (Sunday), since it started during the early ours of the Sunday.

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The His Hand In Mine Sessions
A 3-CD release from FTD containing all songs recorded for the Gospel album in 1960. Sans some snippets, all of the material have been released officially before.

Mastered and mixed by Sebastian Jeansson and Vic Anesini.

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Bruce Jackson On The Road With Elvis
Sporting two new soundboards from 1976. CD-1, however is an audio documentary with comments from Bruce Jackson and a selection of concert and studio recordings of Elvis.

The sound quality of the Oct 18 soundbard from Sioux Falls is like what you would expect, good, but not great. The same applies for the show itself. Great is, however, the Dallas show from Dec. 30, but unfortunately it comes in really poor sound.

If anything, I believe this release document that the Jackson family do not have all the soundboard they were believe to have. All of the material, sans the Dec. 30 Dallas show most likely comes from the vaults of RCA.

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From Elvis In Nashville
A 4-CD release from Sony Legacy label containing all songs recorded in Nashville 1970. The first two CD contains the master takes, while the other two sports outtakes of most selections recorded. Most of the material is already available since long, but this time the songs have been mastered by Matt Ross-Spang using previous digital transfers. The same person who did Way Down In The Jungle and Las Vegas Box from 1969, released last year.

In addition to just a few new outtakes (false start), we also gets bits and pieces of music and dialogue not heard before. Both jams that ended up with Mystery Train/Tiger Man on The Nashville Marathon are featured here in their original form.

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The Something For Everybody Sessions
A 4-CD release from FTD containing all takes recorded of songs featured on Something For Everybody. Also included are the Wild In The Country Sessions. The material have been heavily bootlegged since even for CD's came on the market, but officially this release several new takes.

Mastered and mixed by Sebastian Jeansson and Vic Anesini.

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St. Louis / Spokane
A 2-CD release from Follow That Dream containing soundboard recordings from Spring 1976. Both shows are previously unreleased, also unofficially (bootlegs), but four tracks from Spokane have been available since America was released in 2009.

CD-1 contains the tour ending show in St. Louis March 22 1976. Even though the concert most likely was recorded in binaural, it is released in mono here. The flow on these few March 1976 shows are a little different, with Larrie London new on drums and Shane Keister new on piano. Compared to the other shows from this short tour, Elvis is weak in his voice in St. Louis. The second CD contains the complete Spokane concert on April 27, 1976. This reveals an ok soundboard recording. Generally Elvis was in strong voice on both March and April, though with variations from day to day.

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Kid Galahad Sessions (FTD)
Released in May 2020.

The complete Kid Galahad Sessions on two CD's.

Several new takes of the abandoned version of 'King Of The Whole Wide World' and 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' sticks out most.

The release includes a 28-page booklet, rare photos, essay, recording data and classic memorabilia.

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Elvis In California
Released in February 2020 is this double 5" CD release, featuring two shows from May 1974.

Both shows are previously unavailable from a soundboard recording, officially or not. CD-1 contains the May 12 show from Fresno, while CD-2 contains the May 13 show from San Bernardino. Also added are some bonus tracks from San Bernardino, May 10, of which two tracks were made available on FTD's Live In LA.

Good sound quality, especially on the first CD!

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Elvis Is Back Sessions
Released in November 2019.

The complete Elvis Is Back Sessions on four CD's.

Some new takes (false starts) of 'Make Me Know It', 'Solider Boy' and 'The Girl Of My Best Friend' is the icing on the cake.

The release includes a 28-page booklet, rare photos, essay, recording data and classic memorabilia.

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American Sound 1969
Released in October/November 2019.

This could have been a complete American Sound Sessions release, but ended up beeing a 5 CD box collection of already released material, plus minor additions.

Only some false starts are new, and there are still plenty of takes and material exlusively for the bootleg marked.

I'm not even sure I support this release at all. It was first available as a digital release only on the main Sony label.

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Live 1969
LIVE 1969
Sony released a monster package of live recordings from Las Vegas, August 21 to August 26, 1969.

On 11 CDs, all professionally recorded material are included. Mixed and mastered from scratch by Matt Ross-Spang. Too much echo on Elvis' voice for my liking. The package comes with 52-page booklet.

The price of the box is high!

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From Georgia To Florida
Released in May 2019 is this double 5" CD, featuring two shows from tour No 13, April 1975.

Sporting two concerts from April 1975. It features Elvis in a well-known spring/early summer mood.

The sound quality is good, although the soundboard mix is a little unbalanced.

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The Fun In Acapulco Sessions (FTD)
Finally, a more or less complete session from A to Z. It is a delight that FTD chose Fun In Acapulco for this approach. Elvis is in great voice during these sessions and the overall flavor of the songs that appeared in the movie is harmonic, rhythmic and warm. I have always liked this album, even though some of the material is questionable.

Somehow it think it represents Elvis' movie era in a good way. A movie without any aspirations, just good entertainment. And the music follow this path. It is intelligent in that sense, much more appreciated than other attempts to achieve something big, or even worse to state the total lack of achieving anything but contractual obligations and money.

A total of 9 trailing tracks focusing on 'Vino, Dinero Y Amor' is of course hard to get through!

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St. Paul To Wichita
Released in January 2019 is this double 5" CD, featuring two shows from October 1974.

Both shows are previously unavailable from a soundboard recording, officially or not. FTD claims to release the October 2nd from St. Paul, Minnesota. Most likely it is the show from next day, October 3rd featured here.

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Holiday Season In Vegas(FTD)
A double 5" CD release featuring the midnight show from December 13 (CD-1) and a mix of both dinner and midnight shows on December 6, 1975.

The first soundboard release ever sporting an Elvis concert was Just Pretend. A fantastic experience to listen to, something quite different from the official releases at the time. But with comparable sound quality to the official products, and miles better than most audience recordings found. I guess that most Elvis fans today have similar found memories of this bootleg.

So, more than 25 years later the same show is released officially, more or less in the same sound quality. It is still a good listen, although not as much exciting of course!

CD-2 focus on one week earlier, not a complete show, rather a blend of the dinner and midnight show. Ah...and spliced with Omaha 1974 ('Opening Riff' and first portions of 'See See Rider'). Both shows feature a less energetic Elvis and in poorer sound to top it of. The decision to use a show from 1974 to make it "complete" is really messing with history. There are available the same portions of this specific segments from the same season, so it was not mandatory. I find it likely that it is a matter of some kind of laziness. That said, it fits quite well technically and it is a good job done in this respect.

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For LP Fans Only (FTD)
Containing the original LP with some outtakes and several live recordings from the era on CD-1. CD-2 contains more live recordings and even another home recording from Bad Nauheim, Germany 1959.

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What Now My Love (FTD)
This time featuring two midnight shows from August 11 and August 12. Both shows have been available on the bootlegs marked in very good sound quality. Good quality found also here, the August 12 show (CD-2) have never sounded better!

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The Viva Las Vegas Sessions(FTD)
The (almost) complete 'Viva Las Vegas' session on a 3-CD set. It includes more than an hour of previously unreleased material, including false starts, break downs, and complete takes!

All tracks have been remixed and mastered from the original 3-track session tapes.

The 8"x 8" slipcase replicates an original Session Reel box. Including a 28-page booklet with rare photographs, memorabilia, session notes and movie trivia.

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Off - On Stage (FTD)
Outtakes from February 1970. Most versions are a little below in performance quality compared to the official used versions. Mostly due to caughing problems, but also lack of full commitment from Elvis himself. The sound quality is good, though some might argue about the mix used on these tracks.

Released as a 5" digipak.

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Omaha, Nebraska '74 (FTD)
A double concert release from Omaha, Nebraska, June 30 1974.

Released as a 5" digipak. Elvis is in good shape on both shows and the sound quality is good. FTD has earlier released the July 1st show from the same venue. Found on Fashion For A King.

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Murfreesboro '74 (FTD)
A double concert release from March 1974. Both shows are from Murfreesboro, March 14 and March 19 respectively.

Hopefully the March 19 show is sourced from a multi-track recording, even a mono folddown version also, like with the Richmond show from the day before.

Either soundboard or professionally recorded, previous releases from this tour all have very good sound quality.

The cover leaves something to be desired, though...

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Kissin' Cousins (FTD)
The Classic Album verson of 'Kissin' Cousins'. A single CD release only, but still some added extra.

The sound quality is amazingly good, though most of the previosuly unreleased content is withouth Elvis' involvement. A pity, but still interesting.

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The Bicentennial Show (FTD)
Another double soundboard release stemming from 1976! This time featuring the National Day concert from July 4 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Elvis sang American Trilogy here, one of the last times. CD-2 contains another October 1976 show. FTD has really covered the beginning of this tour thoroughly...

The sound quality is very good on both CD's.

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The Last Movies (FTD)
A Classic Album version of the three last movies (not counting TTWII and Elvis On Tour).

Not much of interest here, unless you really dig 'Almost'. I do not, but nevertheless, 16 new takes are featured here.

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Lake Tahoe '74 (FTD)
A double soundboard release. Both are dinner shows from Lake Tahoe May 25 and May 26 respectively.

The sound quality is very good on both CD's.

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Roustabout (FTD)
The Classic Album version of Roustabout. Only one CD this time.

There is little new material of interest on this CD, but still a worthy addition. The master tracks are available also in re-mixed version, clearly better sounding than the released masters.

The complete overdub session for the title track is made available.

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Elvis In Atlanta (FTD)
A double soundboard release. Both shows are from Omni Coliseum in Atlanta, April 30 and May 1st respectively.

It features Elvis in a well-known spring/early summer mood.

The sound quality is good, although the soundboard mix is a little unbalanced.

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Las Vegas '74 (FTD)
A double soundboard release. Both shows are from August 20 1974. The general consensus is that CD-1 feature the midnight show, while CD-2 sports the dinner show. Opposite of what FTD says.

The sound quality is good on both CD's.

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A Date With Elvis (FTD)
The classic album version of 'A Date With Elvis'. CD-1 feature the original album, plus bonus tracks. Among those are the complete binaural session of 'Is It So Strange'.

The second CD contains home recorded material from Bad Neuheim, Germany (1959). Some of it has been out officially before, but the complete tape was first released on a bootleg called Greetings From Germany.

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Spirit Of Jackson (FTD)
A double CD release containing two soundboards from Jackson, Mississippi. The first show has been bootlegged several times, and even contains songs featured on FTD latest double CD release, Hometown Memphis.

We are talking about the June 9 show from 1975. A standard "June 1975" concert, with no real highs or lows (CD-2). The concert comes in good sound quality!

The second show (CD-1) is from September 5, 1976 and is said to originally be planned for A Golden Celebration Box in 1984, but Joan Deary's idea was axed before release. Some tracks from this show have been out in rather poor sound already, but the FTD release has the complete show in great sound. A rather good concert from Elvis giving the time. You can tell already from 'See See Rider' that it will be something extra this evening.

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Elvis Golden Records Vol. 4 (FTD)
Released in October 2016, this double CD springs out from Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 4.

First out is the original album, then some outtakes not previously released officially. CD-2 contains the original album in mono.

One of the lesser interesting albums on the FTD label ever! But a necessary step to get to Vol. 5, which could prove much more interesting!

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Hometown Shows (FTD)
About time, the Memphis show from June 10 1975 is released on FTD! Coupled with a new soundboard from March 17 1974, in the same venue.

The June show from 1975 was first released on a bootleg called Let Me Take You Home, one of the most popular bootlegs ever. The label DAE released the show in a classic "DAE sound", here FTD release the show without any added ambience.

The March show from 1974 holds the same class as we have already gotten used to long time ago. Interesting with a new show from this tour.

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The Wonder Of You
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has again overdubbed Elvis songs. This time several tracks from the 70's are in focus. There is a standard 15 tracks album and a deluxe edition with 17 tracks available.

You either like it or not. I find 'I've Got A Thing About You, Baby' rather good. The rest has to much similarity with karakoe for my liking!

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Way Down In The Jungle Room(Legacy)
Jungle Room Sessions on the legacy label. A 2-CD version with original master on CD-1 and outtakes on CD-2.

CD-1 adds nothing too what we already have. CD-2 tries to add something, but most likely the ambition was to add more than just noise and echo. However, these two elements are most prominent, and make the legacy edition a strange choice of options to revitalize these sessions.

There are a lot of banter between Elvis and musicians on this CD-2. I would say too much on a mainstream CD, but ok...

Also a 2-LP version is available.

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Speedway (FTD)
The classic album version of Speedway. Presented on 2 discs, a salute to the mono lovers.

It doesn't get much worse music wise than what's found on Speedway. A collection of mostly low-par songs, with some bearable in between.

We get some outtakes of the bonus tracks found on the original album. 'Goin Home' represents a few of those outtakes, most of them are of 'Mine'. Also - for the first time - we get the movie master of 'Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby'.

CD-2 is the original mono album. It is approx. half as bad as the stereo version on CD-1.

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Las Vegas 1975 (FTD)
Finally on the FTD label, the March 22 show from 1975! Coupled with the dinner show from a good week later, namely April 1st.

Elvis was almost at his best during this Las Vegas season. Especially the March 22 show is great. Elvis is relaxed, harmonic, happy and focused. He sings well all through, listen out for his live versions of the recently recorded "Today" tracks. 'And I Love You So' is flawless, 'Fairytale' is very good and 'Green Green Grass Of Home' is even better than the studio version. On this show Elvis also adds 'You're The Reason I'm Living'. A nice version, most likely rehearsed, although hardly extensively.

The sound quality is not better than found on bootlegs, a bit of a let-down, but really not surprising. These Las Vegas recordings from 1975 are really poor compared to for instance February 1973!

Some tracks from March 30 and 31 are also added. They both have Elvis' vocal out of focus and makes it less likely with a full release of either concert.

The April 1 show on CD-2 is good, also. However, it seems that Elvis was better early in the season. He was probably most fitted then, after a long break and a "clean-up".

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The '68 Comeback (FTD)
A classic album release of Elvis TV-Special.

CD-1 contains the original album as released in 1968. Added are other songs that were released on several different albums, mostly during the 70's.

CD-2 contains mainly production numbers, most of them already available on other FTD albums.

All in all quite little new material on this double CD, but the sound quality is perhaps the best so far.

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The West Coast Tour '76 (FTD)
Another double CD containing 1976 concerts. This time the focus is on the November tour.

CD-1 sports the second show that year in Cow Palace, Daly City, California. The first show has been out on several bootlegs and is incomplete. Unfortunately this also applies for the second tape. Recorded in binaural, the sound quality could be great, although the bootleg releases from the first show are a little muddy. CD-1 also sports five bonus tracks from Eugene, both the November 25 and November 27 concert.

CD-2 has good sound for sure! Several tracks have already been out earlier from the Anaheim show on November 30, 1976. Lets hope FTD this time manage to release the high quality binaural tape the correct way. On A Minnesota Moment they came with one channel inverted...

First attempt of artwork was axed right before release, replaced with another one of basicly same ingenuity.

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Elvis In Alabama (FTD)
This double CD contains both shows from September 6 1976 in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Afternoon show is previously unreleased from a soundboard source, while the evening show has been out on several bootlegs, first on Still RocKING The Nation.

The sound quality is excellent on both shows! Elvis sings 'That's All Right' and 'Blue Christmas' (evening show) while playing guitar. Unfortunately 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' lacks to make it complete.

Some shortage of artwork creativity, perhaps?

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Elvis Golden Records Vol. 3 (FTD)
Released in December, this double CD springs out from Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 3.

First out is the original album, then several outtakes not previously released officially. The album also includes new creations, spliced versions from our time. This exercise is something that should belong to each individual, a home thing...I don't like the idea of picking up an official release with non-genuine material one it.

The sound quality is simply magnificent!!

Highly recommended!

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Live A Little, Love A Little (FTD)
Classic album of 'Live A Little, Love A Little'. Even though it features only 4 songs on one disc, it is one of the releases from FTD with highest amount of unreleased material!

Take 2 of 'A Little Less Conversation' is the same vocal as found on the acetate first released on Memories and later used for the massive remix hit early this century, although later vocal repair was needed. A section of take 2 is missing, due to tape problems(?) The full story of this take and the later acetate is yet to be revealed!

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If I Can Dream (Standard)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has overdubbed several Elvis songs. On the standard issue, 14 songs are included. The deluxe edition has 3 more songs.

You either like it or not. Personally I'm not too found of this kind of innovation, but some songs come out quite ok. I like 'American Trilogy' best.

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Elvis In West Texas (FTD)
FTD likes to add "Texas" to their titles...This evening Odessa show, yes from Texas, is previously unreleased in complete form. FTD used 'Love Letters' on their Tucson '76 release many years ago. 'See See Rider' is taken from the afternoon show the same day, and was also released on the mentioned Tucson '76 CD.

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Elvis Today (Legacy)
This time 'Elvis Today' got the double CD legacy treatment. On CD-1 we find the original album and then undubbed masters as bonus. CD-2 sports the compiled - mostly Dallas, June 6 - concert from May/June tour in 1975, first released on Elvis Aron Presley (Silverbox). The sound quality is much better this time!

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Elvis Golden Records (FTD)
This is the double CD version of "Elvis Golden Records". Content wise it is a mixture of the named album and the much later "Essential Elvis Vol. 2".

While CD-1 contains the original album, plus some bonus songs, CD-2 focus on the binaural session from January 1957. Here we get all takes of 'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You', 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin', 'Blueberry Hill' and 'I Beg Of You'.

It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and session discography.

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King Creole (FTD)
Released now is another FTD version of focusing on "King Creole".

While CD-1 contains the original album, plus alternate mixes of masters and a few outtakes, CD-2 simply contains demos that were handed to the session before recording started.

It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and session discography.

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This Is Elvis (FTD)
This is this double CD version of "This Is Elvis". First released on LP back in 1981. The LP is represented on CD-1, while CD-2 sports music tracks from the expanded home video version released some years later.

It must be an error when Hound Dog from CD-2 is the same version as found on CD-1, sans overdubbing from 1980.

The sound quality is lackluster, and in general it seems that very little effort and care characterizes this FTD version. A pity!

It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and session discography.

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Rock Around The Bloch (FTD)
A 288-page hardback book with over 100 unpublished photographs of Elvis in the Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25, 1961 and a newly-discovered recording of the complete press conference and awards ceremony held on March 25, 1961.

The book also includes the concert on CD, first released on Elvis Aron Presley in 1981.

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Elvis' Christmas Album (FTD)
A classic version of Elvis' Christmas Album sounds absolutely right in December.

Unfortunately there is little new on this single CD release, as the session tapes are lost - forever it seems.

Some outtakes of 'Peace In The Valley' and 'It Is No Secret' distinguish it from a straight re-run.

It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and session discography.

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Flaming Star (FTD)
Flaming Star got the classic album treatment in December 2014.

One CD containing masters and several outtakes. This sure is a tough listen. Numerous versions of turkeys like 'Summer Kisses Winter Tears', 'Britches' and 'A Cane And A High Starched Collar'. Even the best numbers are weak in this movie, but we get some new outtakes of 'Flaming Star' and the alternate 'Black Star' too!

It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and session discography.

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Elvis In Florida (FTD)
Elvis In Florida focus on Elvis in April 1975.

Mainly featuring what was recorded on soundboard tape from Lakeland, April 27 - a new soundboard - added with several tracks from Jacksonville April 25 and a few from Lakeland, April 28.

It is worth noting that two tracks from Jacksonville were not featured on the bootlegs release of this show from middle 90's. (A Damn Fine Show).

It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos. Unfortunately several of the tracks cut the intro, because there is an error on the CD index. Sloppy!!

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Elvis For Everyone (FTD)
Elvis For Everyone is the latest in the Classic Album series from FTD.

CD-1 contains the original album, plus an optional version of the same album. CD-2 contains several outtakes from 1961 to 1963, all of them previously unreleased officially (sans For The Millionth And The Last Time (1) as found on the first version of Elvis Latino in the middle of the 90's). With this release (CD-2) we will have all takes available of a large number of songs from this period. It has been 7 and 8 years since last time we got new outtakes from these sessions!

The takes from Fun In Acapulco sessions are not even bootlegged before. It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos, lyrics and session discography.

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That's The Way it Is (Legacy)
THAT'S THE WAY IT IS (Legacy deluxe)
Sony has now released a monster package of material from That's The Way It Is, containing both audio and film material. On 10 discs, 8 CD and 2 DVD, this deluxe edition contains every recorded show from August 10 Opening show to the August 13 Dinner show. The DVD's includes the original That's The Way It Is documentary from 1970 (DVD #1) and the updated version from year 2000 (DVD #2).

Audio wise, we are presented with two full shows not officially released before. These are the dinner show from August 11 and the dinner show from August 12. Both have been bootlegged, but come here in glorious sound.

The price of the box is extraordinary high, meaning that many good Elvis fans will have to skip it. A pity!

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That's The Way it Is (Legacy)
This is the Legacy edition of "That's The Way It Is". Released at the same time as the deluxe edition containing 8 CD's and 2 DVD's. This is however the classic 2 CD edition, where CD-1 contains the original album and selected outtakes.

CD-2 contains the before official unavailable recording of the dinner show from August 12 1970. It has been out in great sound on several bootlegs, most importantly on Twenty Days And Twenty Nights by Audionics.

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The Return To Vegas (FTD)
Follow That Dream finally decided to release the first ever recording from Elvis in Las Vegas 1969.

This soundboard recording (or other source?) has been released by bootleggers several times already; first out was Fort Baxter with their Opening Night. A fantastic concert in good sound quality, originally planned for release by RCA in the 80's.

The source for the FTD release is most likely the album master from that time, as it contains "LP" fade outs. However, the sound quality is miles better than earlier found on bootlegs. Actually it reminds much of a multi-track recording, just a bit hissier and of course in monaural.

I always appreciate when the official label beats the bootleggers in sound quality. Not happening everytime, but this time most certainly!

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Love Me Tender (FTD)
The Classic Album upgrade of Love Me Tender. Never a full LP album originally, here it comes as a 2 CD version.

CD-1 contains masters in mono and stereo, and some available outtakes. Just snippets are previously unreleased.

CD-2 contains both live concerts from Tupelo, Sept 26 1956. First released on A Golden Celebration in 1984.

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Elvis Destination USA (FTD)
Out is this double CD package from Follow That Dream.

Sporting the dinner show from September 4 in 1972, taken from reel to reel soundboard tape. This show has been released on bootleg (I'll Remember You) many years ago.

Unfortunately it contains an embarrassing error. 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' and 'See See Rider' is from Tulsa two years later!! After 'See See Rider' Elvis starts to jam on 'I Got A Woman' (again from Tulsa), before 'Johnny B. Goode' from (Las Vegas) starts. Phew! This will be corrected by FTD!

On the second CD we find several multi-tracks recordings from February 1972 - all previously unreleased. Also more cassette tape recordings from rehearsal held at both August 2nd and 3rd the same year.

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Elvis (FTD)
This is the Legacy edition of "Elvis" from 1956. Containing masters and some bonus takes not on original album. Also contains several takes of 'Rip It Up', a few not previously released.

CD-2 contains the live concert from Shreveport, December 15 1956. Previously released several times, and currently available as a stand alone - cheap - CD release. This inclusion seems a little bit strange. Not a very strong release.

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Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphs [Legacy]
This is the Legacy edition of "Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis". The concept took a lot of fans by surprise. I guess few were expecting a legacy treatment of this LP, at least not at this time. As with the rest of the legacy CD's from Sony, also this is a double CD package. Believe it or not, on CD-2 you will find a "soundboard" recording!

CD-2 sports the monaural recording of the Richmond show on March 18, just 2 days before the main concert. Previously released on FTD's 48 Hours To Memphis. Strange choice. Coupling it with the better recording of Elvis' very first show in Memphis for many years, the one on March 16, would have made so much (more) sense.

The interesting bit, however, is that the same guys that mixed Elvis At Stax, have re-mixed and mastered the main concert. For the first time - it is presented with the respect it deserves! A little bit too dry sound on Elvis' vocal, otherwise it is so close to perfect as ever possible! Elvis would have loved it, as his voice is not dominating the sound picture totally! Kudos!

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Moody Blue (FTD)
This is the classic album upgrade of Moody Blue. Moody Blue was Elvis last studio album before he died. Due to lack of studio masters, Felton Jarvis also added four live tracks on it. Three from spring 1977 and one track from 1974.

This double CD gives masters, undubbed master, rough-mix masters and several outtakes. Interestingly there are two more takes of 'It's Easy For You' (take 3 and 4). However, they are both false starts. This release also gives two previously unreleased takes of 'Way Down', take 1 and take 2B. They are both long false starts, but prove that the final master is take 2c. Even more; take 2A is the same take as first released on Platinum. This inclusion proves that the Platinum version has been both edited and overdubbed. Perhaps it was considered an alternate master back in 1977?

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From Elvis At American Sound Studios (FTD)
This double CD, presented like the classic album upgrades, contains tracks that were not suited for, or had to be axed from, the previous Classic Album upgrades of both From Elvis In Memphis and Back In Memphis.

Containing several new outtakes, even some not already available unofficially! Always a goodie!

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The On Stage Season
This 2 CD release from Follow That Dream contains soundboard recordings from Elvis' second season in Las Vegas. Featuring the opening show on January 26 and the closing show on February 23, both have been heavily bootlegged starting 30 years ago!

The sound quality on this release is technically better than on previous bootlegs. However, that doesn't necessarily means an easier listening experience. Especially the opening show has severely microphone overload on Elvis' vocal, which is more prominent on this new release than on Madison's Opening Night 1970.

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G. I. Blues Vol. 2
Cafe Europa - G. I. BLUES VOL. 2
Volume 2 in the G. I. Blues.

Containing both masters and outtakes, this album also aim to give the Elvis collector tracks not already released officially before.

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Elvis At Stax
Out late July 2013 was this new Sony Legacy release. Released both as a single CD and a triple CD in the same style as "Prince From Another Planet" some months ago.

It contains all the masters from the Stax Sessions in Memphis, both July and December 1973. In addition it also contains several outtakes previously released (mostly on Essential Elvis Vol. 5). These tracks have been both re-mixed and re-mastered severely.

A decent release from Sony.

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Hot August Night (FTD)
Released July 2013. This is another multi-track recording from late August 1969. This time we get the midnight show from August 25. Interestingly this show produced many of the live masters later used for Elvis In Person. Overall it is also one of the best shows professionally recorded. Of minor details I especially like the long intro to a powerhouse version of 'Suspicious Minds".

It is nice to have the show in its complete from. Although much from this concert has already been released in good sound before, there are still unreleased gems to be found. Mixed in a vintage style, but better then Elvis In Person back in 1969 and later Sony/FTD issues handled by Vic Anesini.

It's absolutely PERFECT sonic- and mixing wise! And comes in a 7" deluxe package!

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Sold Out (FTD)
This 2 CD release from Follow That Dream contains a soundboard recording from both Tulsa, March 1 and Cleveland, June 21 1974. Both shows are previously unreleased, although 'Sweet Caroline' from Tulsa was issued on Forty Eight Hours To Memphis.

The sound quality is really good on both soundboards. The Tulsa one from March is my favorite, but even the otherwise dull June soundboard from 1974 sparkle here. I believe that some good care must have been taken on both soundboards.

Prepared by the same guys (Frieser and Slebo) that made the above mentioned Forty Eight Hours To Memphis. It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and lyrics.

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As Recorded Live In Memphis (Vinyl) (FTD)
To be released August 2013.

Stay Away, Joe (FTD)
Released in May 2013. Focusing on the Stay Away, Joe sessions and featuring several outtakes of the title track.

Also containing some new outtakes of 'Goin' Home' and 'Dominic', while large portions of new outtakes otherwise are mostly false starts only.

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Back In Memphis (FTD)
This double CD, classic album upgrade from FTD came out May 2013.

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and some new outtakes. Also contains a batch of undubbed masters.

The sound quality is great, but perhaps even more stellar on Back In Memphis released some months ago.

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Summer Of '61
This FTD/Flaming Star book and CD combo looks at the summer months of 1961. Main focus is on the making of "Follow That Dream", filmed on location in Florida.

The book presents original newspaper articles, new interviews from the cast and crew, plus details about scenes deleted from the final print.

Contains 200 unpublished photos taken from the original negatives and a CD with final masters from the movie, plus two demo recordings of 'What A Wonderful Life'.
The Best Of British
The book contains over 1000 rare and unpublished photographs, the illustrations connected to the songs, the recordings and the promotion of Elvis by HMV in Britain.

Included are every Elvis track released by HMV. Added to these are bonus songwriter demos and Elvis outtakes to complete the audio story upon which the foundation of the global popular music culture and industry was built.
Aloha From Hawaii - Legacy
Released in March 2013 is the double CD legacy edition of "Aloha From Hawaii".

CD-1 contains the main show, while CD-2 contains the "rehearsal" show. This is the first release of this concert in normal sound quality, as the 1988 release was mixed to a strange output using computers preferences more than human ear-preferences.

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3000 South Paradise Road
This 2 CD release from Follow That Dream contains a soundboard recording from August 12 dinner show 1972. It has previously been out on bootleg (first on Blazing Into The Darkness). The sound quality is a tad better on the official release.

CD-2 contains a cassette recording of a rehearsal held August 4. This is previously unreleased in any form or shape, kudos for that. The sound quality is acceptable, to be compared with the quality of From Hawaii To Las Vegas, released summer 2012.

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Back In Memphis (FTD)
This double CD, classic album upgrade from FTD was released in December 2012.

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and new outtakes. Even outtakes still not made available on bootlegs.

Great sound quality! Really a surprisingly good release. Even though most all of the content has been available on bootlegs for many years, these two CD gives the songs better justice. I especially like the undubbed masters that conclude CD-2.

Highly recommended!

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From Elvis Presley Boulevard (FTD)
This double CD, classic album upgrade from FTD offers two full CD's with the original album, previously released outtakes and new outtakes.

Also outtakes still not made available from bootlegs. The sound quality is good.

Something you gotta own!

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Hits Of The 70's (FTD)
This double CD, classic album upgrade from FTD was released in October 2012.

On two full CDs we get the original album and bonus songs. The first FTD release offering nothing previously unreleased or even alternate takes.

A strange choice of a release, indeed. Most likely funded on a one man's dream.

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Prince From Another Planet
This is a 2-CD/1-DVD combo focusing on Elvis in Madison Square Garden June 1972. Both shows from June 10 on CD, while the DVD contains footage from the afternoon show and the press conference on June 9.

The flyer says that both shows have been remixed from the original tapes. The mix does not really support that. It is close to the original one, although it is clearly mastered differently. It displays the same track sequence as originally released, which seems strange compared to all other shows Elvis held at that time.

Otherwise the release is to be saluted!

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A Boy From Tupelo
For over five years Ernst Jorgensen has been working on the definitive Elvis at Sun Records. It includes rare pictures, recording data and the real story behind Elvis' time at Sun.

The release features every known SUN master and outtakes from Elvis, plus two private records and radio / concert performances from the period. This 3-CD package also features 10 previously unreleased live cuts.

The book contains 512 pages including more than 500 photos, many previously unpublished. The combo comes in a slip case like “Young Man With The Big Beat”.

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G. I. Blues Vol. 1
Finally, then! Volume 1 in the G. I. Blues combo is out.

Focusing on the main album and then generally outtakes from the April sessions, this double CD contains many tracks not previously released. Officially that is, as these sessions must be one of the most bootlegged ever.

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From Hawaii To Las Vegas
Another stage rehearsal from FTD. This time - unfortunately - taken from a cassette recording of so-so quality. One track was already released on the first CD of this sort, aptly titled; Stage Rehearsal.

On the repertoire are well-known songs from this era, but also some interesting. 'Separate Ways' is rehearsed twice and 'Faded Love' is rare, while 'I'm Leaving It Up To You' is a short break in the otherwise predictable setlist.

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Another Saturday Night
FTD decided to yet again focus on a June 1975 concert. This time we get an almost complete recording from the evening show in Shreveport, June 7.

In general these concerts display an artist in a good and cheerful mood. Sometimes almost too much. However, these May/June concerts should all be labeled as "good".

Kudos to FTD for bringing out a show not yet already bootlegged.

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Welcome Home Elvis
Flaming Star and FTD has published this 260-pages book about the vital weeks in 1960, where Elvis regained control over his career. The format is the same as the well-known FTD book format.

The book includes more than 300 photos, text by David English and a CD with the original mono master for ELVIS IS BACK.
Our Memories Of Elvis
Finally we got an official CD release of Our Memories Of Elvis. Previously only available on CD from a fan-club release over 20 years ago.

On two full CD's we get the original albums, a planned Vol. 3 and other tracks worked on by Joan Deary.

Of most interest is the complete master take of 'Moody Blue'. Sound quality is acceptable, but nothing more.

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On Stage (FTD)
This is the classic album upgrade of "On Stage" from FTD.

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and new outtakes. It also features several tracks not available on bootlegs.

Pristine sound quality!

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