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LOVE ME TENDER - SONY 506020 975074
Recordings 1956


CD # 1 CD # 2
CD-1: Masters and outtakes

Love Me Tender
Let Me
Poor Boy
We're Gonna Move
Love Me Tender (end-title)
The Truth About Me (from "Elvis answers back")
We're Gonna Move (4)
We're Gonna Move (9)
Poor Boy (3) [Jailhouse Rock (Bonus)]
Poor Boy [remake S20] (1*)
Poor Boy [S31] (VO 6)
Let Me (VO #3*)
Let Me (VO #4*)
Love Me Tender (stereo)
Let Me (stereo)
Poor Boy (stereo)
We're Gonna Move (stereo)
The Truth About Me Interview

* Denotes previously unreleased material
CD-2: Tupelo, Sept 26 1956 AS / ES

Heartbreak Hotel
Long Tall Sally
I Was The One
I Want You, I Need You, I love You
Elvis talks
I Got A Woman
Don't Be Cruel
Ready Teddy
Love Me Tender
Hound Dog
Interview - Vernon and Gladys Prelsey
Interview -  Nick Adams
Interview - Faqn Judy Hopper
Interview - Elvis
Love Me Tender
I Was The One
I Got A Woman
Don't Be Cruel
Blue Suede Shoes
Baby Let's Play House
Hound Dog

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