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MOODY BLUE - SONY 506020 975052
Recordings 1976 Recordings 1977

CD-1: Original album and outtakes

Unchained Melody
If You Love Me
Little Darlin'
He'll Have To Go
Let Me Be There
Way Down
Pledging My Love
Moody Blue
She Thinks I Still Care
Its Easy For You
Unchained Melody (undubbed) [Spring Tours '77]
If You Love Me (undubbed) [Spring Tours '77]
Moody Blue (6) [Made In Memphis]
She Thinks I Still Care (2B) (unedited) [Ess. 70s Masters]
My Way (live) [Platinum]
Way Down (undubbed)
Little Darlin' (undubbed) [Spring Tours '77]
He'll Have To Go (rough mix) [Jungle Room Session]
Pledging My Love (splice rehearsal* and take 3)
It's Easy For You (1) [Jungle Room Session]
She Thinks I Still Care (1, 2A) [Jungle Room Session]
America The Beautiful (live) [Elvis Aron Presley]
Softly As I Leave You (live) [Elvis Aron Presley]

* Denotes previously unreleased material
CD-2: Outtakes and unfinished masters

Way Down (reh*, 1*)
Way Down (2A) [Platinum]
She Thinks I Still Care (3, 4) [Made In Memphis]
Moody Blue (1*)
Pledging My Love (1*, 2*)
Pledging My Love (3) [Platinum]
It's Easy For You (3*, 4*)
It's Easy For You (undubbed)
She Thinks I Still Care (7*, 9*)
She Thinks I Still Care (10) [Today...Forever]
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (unedited undubbed master)
Moody Blue (7, 5) [Jungle Room Session]
Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (rough mix)
Pledging My Love (4*, 5*)
Pledging My Love (unedited undubbed master)
Way Down (2B*)
Way Down (rough mix)
Moody Blue (8*, 9*)
Moody Blue (unedited undubbed master) [Our Memories of Elvis]
She Thinks I Still Care (15*) (edited)
America (splice live/studio)

* Denotes previously unreleased material
Classic Album release of Moody Blue album.

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