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THE LAST MOVIES - SONY 506020 975116
Recordings 1968 Recordings 1969

The Last Movies
Roustabout sessions

Change Of Habit
Let's Be Friends
Have A Happy
Let Us Pray
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard
Let's Forget About The Stars
Let's Forget About The Stars (rough mix)
Charro (rough mix)
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard (undubbed)
Almost (undubbed)
Swing Down Sweet Chariot
Swing Down Sweet Chariot (female vocals and brass overdub)
Signs Of The Zodiac (duet with Marlyn Mason)
College Songs Medley
(Far Above Cayuga's Waters*/Boola Boola*/Dartmouth's In Town Again*/
The Eyes Of Texas*/On, Wisconsin*/The Whiffenpoof Song/
Fair Harvard*/Notre Dame*/Violet)

Almost (takes 1*, 2*, 3*)
Almost (takes 4*, 6)
Almost (10*, 11)
Almost (13*)
Almost (14*, 15*, 16*)
Almost (22*, 23*, 24*, 25*)
Almost (27*, 28*)
Almost (29*)
Let Us Pray (alternate vocal overdub)
Let Us Pray (M/vocal only)

(*) denotes previously unreleased

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