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Recordings 1969

CD-1: Masters and outtakes

Kentucky Rain
I'll Be There
Mama Liked The Roses
If I'm A Fool
Don't Cry Daddy
Hey Jude
My Little Friend
Who Am I?
Memory Revival (instr*)
Kentucky Rain (1*, 2*, 3) [Suspicius Minds]
I'll Be There (1*, 2*, 3 [UM])
If I'm A Fool (1*, 2*, 3) [Memphis Sessions]
Rubberneckin' (1*, 2 [UM])
Come Out, Come Out (instr) (2*) [M]
You'll Think Of Me (7) (single 2007)
Poor Man's Gold (12) [M] (w/V-1) [Suspicius Minds]
Mama Liked The Roses (alt. vocal overdub) [Keep Rolling On]
In The Ghetto (19) [Today, ...Forever]
Hey Jude (1*)
I'll Be There (4*, 5*, 6*)

* Denotes previously unreleased material
CD-2: Outtakes and unfinished masters

It's My Way/This Time/I Can't Stop Loving You (jam)
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (5*) [edited]
Do You Know Who I Am? (3*, 5*)
Kentucky Rain (5*, 6*, 7*)
Kentucky Rain (8) [Ess. 60s Masters]
Kentucky Rain (9) [Memphis Sessions]
Only The Strong Survive (8*, 11*, 12*)
Any Day Now (5*, 6*)
Long Black Limousine (undubbed master)
Don't Cry Daddy (undubbed master)
Mama Liked The Roses (undubbed master)
My Little Friend (undubbed master)
Hey Jude (3*, 5*, 6*, 7 [UM])
I'll Hold You In My Heart (1 [M])
Kentucky Rain (undubbed master)
If I'm A Fool (6*, 7*, 8*, 9 [UM])
Who Am I? (undubbed master)

* Denotes previously unreleased material
Containing material not suited or fitted for the classic album upgrade of either From Elvis In Memphis or Back In Memphis.

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