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SUSPICIOUS MINDS - BMG 07863 67677 2
Recordings 1969

(CD-1): Wearin' That Loved On Look - Only The Strong Survive - I'll Hold You In My Heart - Long Black Limosine - It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' - I'm Movin' On - Power Of My Love - Gentle On My Mind - After Loving You - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road - Any Day Now - In The Ghetto - Mama Liked The Roses - Suspicious Minds - You'll Think Of Me - Don't Cry Daddy - The Fair Is Moving On - Kentucky Rain - Stranger In My Own Home Town - Without Love.

(CD-2): This Time/I Can't Stop Loving You - After Loving You (Take 2) - Without Love (Take 1) - I'm Movin' On (diff. edit/vocal) - From A Jack To A King - It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (Take 2) - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Alt Take (Try-Out)) - Power Of My Love (Take 1) - You'll Think Of Me (Take 16) - If I'm A Fool - Do You Know Who I Am - A Little Bit Of Green - And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind - This Is The Story - I'll Be There - Hey Jude - Rubberneckin' - Poor Man's Gold (10 seconds) - Inherit The Wind - My Little Friend - Who Am I? - Kentucky Rain (Take 3) - Suspicious Minds (Take 7) - In The Ghetto (Take 3)

**Note. On the booklet BMG claims that After Loving You (take 2) is previously unreleased. It was however released on Guitar Man (In 1980!!!), but here it is featured for the first time without overdubbing. For us that are familiar with bootlegs, the only real new material here is Without Love (take 1), the alternate mix and vocal on I'm Moving On (which is very different), True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Try out take 2?), You'll Think Of Me (take 14), Kentucky Rain (take 3) and finally the "It's the feeling that I get, looking down at my brand new baby.." (Poor Man's Gold)

I'll skip CD-1, since it features nothing new and the content should be well known to everybody.

CD-2 starts out with 'I Can't Stop Loving You' as we heard on Essential 60's masters. Than we for the first time gets take 2 of 'After Loving You' as it was recorded. The lyrics to this take was used by Felton Jarvis for the overdubbed version released on the CD Guitar Man in 1981.

'Without Love' (Take 1) is new even for us that are used too bootlegs. It's a good performance from Elvis consider that it is first take, but the musicians are not up to their best. Take 4 that was released on American Crown Jewels (Bilko) is better, in my point of view.

'I'm Movin' On' has been re-mixed heavily. In addition it features some new lyrics. The mixing is really strange, and at some points you hear only the guitar. Nice, but in the long run I prefer the original mix. 'From A Jack To A King' should have been re-mixed, but isn't. I really like this song, as it shows Elvis in a very good mood. But the mixing of this song is so bad that it sounds like "mono and a half" instead of real stereo. The version that we have on American Crown Jewels is even better than the master take, so it would have been a great idea to release this one too!! It has been some of a "fashion" to critize this song, and saying that Elvis should not have recorded it. I wonder why. It isn't exactly a message song, but still it makes you happy to listen to it. Reminds me a bit of 'Little Darlin'.

'It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' is previously unreleased. Not as good as the master in my point of view. The outtake of 'True Love Travels On A Gravel Road' is probably a late try-out version. It runs faster than the version on American Crown Jewels, and all in all it is less impressive than this version.

New is also 'Power Of My Love' (Take 1). Impressive version, by all means, but this version suffers from badly recording and lousy mixing. Mic-overload is the key-word here. The mixing that Bilko used on their relase is better than this one.

'You'll Think Of Me' (Take 16) is new even for the ones listening to bootlegs. This is to me the kind of song that leaves no impression at all. A true middle on the road song!!

'I'll Be There' sounds re-mixed to me. The sound on this song is really good. This, however, does not account for 'Hey Jude' and 'Rubberneckin'. Both are badly mixed as they always have been. Wouldn't it be about time to do something about it, even though none of them are "milestoners".

The ten seconds of 'Poor Man's Gold' don't make you shiver, but it is all that exists. 'Kentucky Rain' (Take 3) really shows that Elvis had a long way to go before a master would be created. This version is annyoing, especially the timing is lousy. This goes for both Elvis and the musicans. I guess we have had enough outtakes of this song by now.

Both 'Suspicious Minds' and 'In The Ghetto' was released on Platinum. New here is some studio-chatter by Elvis before 'Suspicious Minds'.

Reviewed by Oven Egeland, Elvis In Norway.

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