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DOUBLE FEATURES - BMG 07863 66362 2

Recording By Elvis 1963 Recording By Elvis 1967 Recording By Elvis 1968

Double Features
Updated soundtrack

Kissin' Cousins (No 2)
Smokey Mountain Boy
There's Gold In The Mountains
One Boy Two Little Girls
Catchin' On Fast
Tender Feeling
Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You)
Barefoot Ballad
Once Is Enough
Kissin' Cousins
Who Needs Money?
A House That Has Everything
Hey, Hey, Hey
You Don't Know Me (film master) [*]
The Girl I Never Loved
How Can You Lose What You Never Had
Clambake (reprise) [*]
Stay Away, Joe
Dominic [*]
All I Needed Was The Rain
Goin' Home
Stay Away

[*] Denotes previously unreleased material.
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