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ELVIS AT SUN - BMG 82876 61205 2
Songs recorded year 1953-1954  Songs recorded year 1955

Sun Collection

 1: Harbor Lights
 2: I Love You Because (take 2)
 3: That's All Right
 4: Blue Moon Of Kentucky
 5: Blue Moon
 6: Tomorrow Night
 7: I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')
 8: Just Because
 9: Good Rockin' Tonight
10: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
11: Milkcow Blues Boogie
12: You're A Heartbreaker
13: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (slow)
14: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
15: Baby, Let's Play House
16: I Forgot To Remember To Forget
17: Mystery Train
18: Trying To Get To You
19: When It Rains, It Really Pours

(Review by Ken Jensen)

All Sun masters are presented on this CD, with the exception of 'I Love You Because' (we get alternate take 2 due to sound issues) and the demo songs Elvis recorded with his own money in 1953 and January, 1954. The story of Elvis at Sun should be familiar to all of you, so I wonít go there. It should be enough to point out that this is the birth of a legend and the foundation of modern music. Elvis at Sunóand especially the single 'Thatís All Right', which went straight to number one in the United Statesóis first and foremost released to mark that Rock íní Roll has turned fifty, which is stretching it a little, given the fact that said single is not rock íní roll but rockabilly. The difference lies in the beat.

The work of restoring the old Sun tapes is said to have taken the better part of a year. Listening to this CD, itís obvious that itís a labor of love. The sound is better than everóand that alone is reason enough to go out and purchase this CD. Itís almost like being in the studio with the musicians. 'Mystery Train' has always ended sort of abruptly, but here we get a long fade-out. The people involved in this project have truly sacrificed a lot so that we, the fans, shall get the best product money can buy. Such devotion deserves to be supported. Elvis at Sun should be the cornerstone in everyoneís music collection, whether youíre a fan or not. Elvis at Sun is cultural heritage on a global scale, immortalized by the greatest artist in recorded history.

Sound: *****/*****

© Ken Jensen, Norway, June 2005

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