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FOLLOW THAT DREAM - BMG 82876 66395 2
Recording By Elvis 1961


Follow That Dream

 1. Review by Oven Egeland
Updated soundtrack

 1: Follow That Dream
 2: Angel
 3: What A Wonderful Life
 4: I'm Not The Marrying Kind
 5: Sound Advice
 6: A Whistling Tune
 7: Angel (1, 2) [Silver Screen Stereo]
 8: Follow That Dream (1, 2) [Elvis Aron Presley]
 9: What A Wonderful Life (2, 1) [Collectors Gold]
10: A Whistling Tune (2, 3)
11: Angel (4)
12: I'm Not The Marrying Kind (2, 3, 4, 6)

13: Follow That Dream (3) [Today, Tomorrow And Forever]
14: Sound Advice (1)
15: Angel (5)
16: What A Wonderful Life (3, 4, 5, 6)
17: Angel (6)

18: Follow That Dream (4) [Command Performances]
19: Angel (7) [stereo master]
20: Angel (vocal overdubs)
21: A Whistling Tune (master w/ overdubs)
22: On Top Of Old Smokey

Tracks in green denotes previously unreleased takes (officially).

All tracks available on Keep Following That Dream, except track 22

Faulty tapes!
(Review by Oven Egeland)

This updated soundtrack is like all other soundtrack re-issues presented in a stylish way. The CD is housed in a colorful gatefold pack with appropriate pictures and necessary information. Inside you will also find a booklet telling more about the movie and the soundtrack.

The CD first contains the original LP soundtrack. In addition you will find 16 bonus tracks, 10 of which has never been released officially before.

The sound quality is i many ways very good all the way through, except for the fact that every now and then the sound is slightly off-key, just like a tape that is distorted. Funny, actually, because the great bootleg Keep Following That Dream in similar soundquality does not have these problems.

Not much to report except from this. 'On Top Of Old Smokey' - lasting only 18 seconds - is lifted from the film and hardly an essential addition, but nice to have on the disc anyway, sort of. However, Follow That Dream falls in the same category as Spinout (FTD) did. The official product (CD) is not as good as the best bootleg release with the same material. In other words, Keep Following That Dream is better than Follow That Dream and The Complete Spinout Sessions - and even Spinout - is better than Spinout from FTD.

Now, my head is spinning...

© , Norway, January 2005

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