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CD collectors page This site is mainly maintained by Willem Kauuw. Here you will find extensive information about already released bootlegs and coming bootlegs. Also information about official CD's. In addition this site contains a huge archive of pictures, and reviews of different CD's. Updated almost every day!
Elvis Presley In Concert A page from Francesc Lopez from Spain. Info about Elvis in concert, reviews, pictures and news.
Master and Session This page is devoted to recording facts. The site contains an in-depth overview of Elvis's studio sessions. The layout is close to perfect. Unfortunately it is rarely updated!
Elvis In Japan A good site from Japan. Lots of information, and constant updated news about the Elvis influenced World. One of the most frequent updated Elvis sites on the net!
Keith Flynn's Elvis Presley Pages This page is devoted to different Elvis music facts. The site contains an in-depth overview of Elvis's studio sessions. Also an overview of live and rehearsal recordings.
Elvis Information Network Maintained by Piers Beagley and Nigel Patterson. Very updated on BMG releases, and other official matters. Accurate and thorough reviews!
Elvis Australia Australian Fan-club pages. Maintained by David Troedson. Very updated on BMG releases, and other official matters. Accurate and thorough reviews!
For Elvis Fans Only Another australian Elvis site maintained by David Troedson. Focus on Elvis movies and TV-specials.
Elvis In Russia Maintained by Makar Kudelich and Yuri Nikulin. A general Elvis page with CD overview and reviews.
Paul's Elvis Page Maintained by Paul from Canada. Here you will find several rare pictures and other Elvis related material.
Worldwide Elvis This site is maintained by Paul Dowling. Here you can find on official Elvis releases from Argentina in West to Australia in East. Also you can be updated on other official things about Elvis. A little bit commercial, though...
Elvis On CD A German web page maintained by Stephan. List all BMG/FTD releases the last 20 years with tracklist and cover scans. Also some real audio.
Elvis.com This is the official site from Graceland. Gets better and better as the time goes.
Elvis Rare Footage Maintained by Christian Mussio from France. As the title suggest you will be able to find and talk about rare Elvis footage using this site/messageboard.
Rob's Elvis Pages A general Elvis page with information on different CD/DVD releases, session notes and lyrics. Still not finalized, but looks very promising.
It's Elvis Time Holland oldest fan club. Maintained by Peter Haan. All in Dutch.
Tschabo's World of ELVIS PRESLEY Maintained by Tschabo from Germany. A general Elvis page of large format.
Elvis Today, Tomorrow And Forever Another Dutch site. Maintained by Remo and Tineke. Contains a huge list of links to Elvis sites and different news on Elvis releases.
Elvis Presley Virtual Database Maintained by Dejan Bjelivuk. Pictures, discography, Real Audio and other goodies.
The Elvis Presley File Maintained by Carmel Delia from Malta. Photos, lyrics and fan-club listings among other things.
Rare Elvis Maintained by Holger Bock from Germany. Rare Elvis is a fully illustrated reference and price guide, with detailed descriptions of official worldwide Elvis Presley collector rarities.
Elvis Collectors Brasil Maintained by Sergio Luiz. News and reviews. All in Portuguese language.
Elvis Presley Peru Maintained by Ricardo Bolaņos. Photos and articles. All in Spanish language.
Always The King Maintained by Ralf Krekeler from Germany. Pictures and other Elvis related matters.
Italian Collectors Club Maintained by Bruno Pause and Marco Degli Esposti. A general Elvis page.
Presley's Pride Lots of pictures and information about Lisa Marie. Also the Europe's only Lisa Marie fan club.

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