UNEDITED MASTERS - NASHVILLE 1970 Revisited (VP EP 2013-01) (Released 2013)
Cover Nashville Studio B masters - 1970

Sylvia (7*, 9 [unedited])
Life (1, 2 [unedited])
It's Your Baby, You Rock It (unedited master)
It Ain't No Big Thing (2)
There Goes My Everything (1)
Faded Love (3)
Snowbird (2) [faded]
Patch It Up (9)
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (2)
Cindy, Cindy (1) [faded]
Where, Did They Go Lord (3)
It Ain't No Big Thing [different mix]
Heart Of Rome (3 & WP-1) [overdubbed]
When I'm Over You (unedited master)
Help Me Make It Through The Night (unedited master)
Merry Christmas Baby (undubbed, unedited)
Separate Ways (unedited overdubbed)
Burning Love (4)
Life [different mix]

Content: 3+  Sound: 6  Artwork: 4+

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