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FTD Special Issues
Out now is these 3 new and updated soundtrack CD's from FTD. Frankie And Johnny, Viva Las Vegas and Harum Scarum have undergone the same treatment as Girl Happy, Fun In Acapulco and finally It Happened At The World's Fair.

As for the Frankie sessions all tracks have been released in near-perfect soundquality on bootlegs, while most of the material on Viva Las Vegas have been released on the official label already. A disappointment!

Harum Scarum, however contains several new outtakes!
FTD Vol. 18
This fourth FTD release for 2003 is a soundboard recording from Lake Tahoe, May 13 1973. Elvis held a special extra show on 03:00 am. The show has been released on various bootlegs, most recently on The Man In White Vol. 4. However, this is the first time from a soundboard source.

The soundboard is almost complete. The CD also contains two extra numbers from another show. The sound quality is very good.

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Second To None
Out now is this "the best of" CD. It is done in the same manner as last years "30 #1 Hits", meaning going back to original master tapes and mix the songs from scratch.

It contains 30 songs, including the second version of 'Roustabout' - the version written by Blackwell and Scott and the remixed version of 'Rubberneckin''.

The sound quality is very good all the way through. I especially like the new 'Moody Blue'.

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New single promo
The new Elvis remix has now been released. Rubberneckin' from 1969 has been altered by Paul Oakenfold into a more contemporary piece of music. Personally I find it unlikely that this version will follow the success of 'A Little Less Conversation' from last year, but who knows.

However, it has a good dance rhythm, even more so than ALLC. Here is the promotional edition given to radio stations. It contains only the radio edit of the song.
Close Up
BMG has relased their new Elvis box set for the summer.

It contains 89 tracks of (mostly) never before released material.

Of most interest is CD-4 containing the complete concert Elvis performed in San Antonio, April 18 1972. This show was recorded for Elvis On Tour.

The other CDs contain studio masters in stereo, movie outtakes and outtakes from Studio B in Nashville.

The sound quality is MARVELOUS!

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Close Up Promo
This is the promo for Close Up. It comes with a copy protecion and contains the following cuts:

Loving You (KX 5)
Treat Me Nice (19)
G. I. Blues (6)
Doin' The Best I Can (10, 11, 12)
It Feels So Right (1)
Girl Of My Best Friend (9)
Polk Salad Annie (San Antonio)
How Great Thou Art (San Antonio)
FTD Vol. 17
This third FTD release for 2003 features a soundboard recording from South Bend, October 1 1974. In general it is a poor performance!

In addition three tracks are taken from other soundboards. Included is a new "song", called 'All Right, Okay, You Win'.

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FTD Special Issues
Out now are these updated versions of Elvis' soundtrack albums. They contain all original tracks, most already released outtakes and several previously unreleased outtakes.

These soundtrack albums are more or less deleted from the mainstream market and FTD decides to make this material available for the true Elvis fans by releasing them again in extended format on the collectors label. Sounds like a good idea.

It is Fun In Acapulco (improved sound, but echoed!), Girl Happy (greatly improved sound!) and finally It Happened At The Worlds Fair.
FTD Vol. 16
The second FTD release for 2003 is a studio CD. It covers Elvis' non-movie sessions at RCA's studio B in Nashville. The time period is June 1961 through January 1964.

Featuring 23 tracks of previously unreleased (officially) material. Almost all songs have been released in top-notch sound on different bootlegs.

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FTD extra issue
This is an audience-recorded version of Elvis' concert in Pittsburgh, December 31 1976. Previously released on several different LP's and CD's, using different sources. BMG adds to another one!

A soundboard of this show is now unlikely, which in fact makes this release quite sad! Released on a double CD (at the price of a single CD).

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FTD Vol. 15
This time we get another live concert from Las Vegas 1969. August 23 midnight show to be exact.

Many fans have wanted another live show from 1969, August 26 in particular. Except from 'Reconsider Baby' (prev. released) this show offers nothing new or remarkable. The sound quality is very good.

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