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Promised Land (FTD)
Released early December 2011. This is a double CD classic album upgrade from FTD.

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and new outtakes. Sound quality is great, but it turns out that the complete unedited version of 'Merry Christmas, Baby' is still unreleased. The version found here has been taken from the old Memories Of Christmas.

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Promised Land (FTD)
Finally! The Classic Album upgrade program from FTD has reached "Promised Land".

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and new outtakes. 'Promised Land' (take 1) is missing for some strange reasons. The masters have good sonic sound, but the re-issue from year 2000 still has the best mix in my view.

Otherwise the outtakes mostly sounds great, just like we have come to expect from these kind of Classic Album releases.

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Forty Eight Hours To Memphis
Taken from a mono-mix down (tape) of a multi-track recording, the show is complete (w/ some tape damage fixed/altered). Mastered by Vic Anesini!

The Richmond show was released long time ago on the bootleg Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind by LuXor, but now comes in better fidelity.

It is a great show, but a pity it only comes in mono and way too much echo! Tagged onto the end are three bonus tracks from two other shows in March 1974, taken from soundboard.

Released in a 7 inch digi-pack with a 16-page booklet containing liner notes and new photos from the show.

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He Touched Me
The latest classic album release from FTD focuses on the He Touched Me album.

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and new outtakes. All comes in glorious sound quality, just like we have come to expect from these classic album releases. Personally I prefer the almost full session of 'Seeing Is Believing' and 'A Thing Called Love'.

Highly recommended!

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He Touched Me
A 55th anniversary 5-CD deluxe set which celebrates Elvis Presleys RCA debut in 1956.

It contains all '56 RCA masters, live performances including a previously unreleased live show, outtakes and rare interviews. All packed with an 80-page (12"x12") book a day-by-day chronology, memorabilia, photos etc.

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Fashion For A King
The newest book/CD combo from FTD is out. In co-operation with the Norwegain fan-club Flaming Star, FTD has released Fashion For A King. It focus on Elvis' on-stage attire. The book contains 500 pages and pictures are taken by already well-known Elvis photographers.

The release also contains two soundboard recordings, one from Omaha, July 1 1974 and the other one from Las Vegas, December 14 1975.

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Stage Rehearsal
The sound quality is great, but too many edits are evident. The most HOPELESS of all is the vocal edit on 'Polk Salad Annie' (Polk A Little Sock Salad'). You can still hear Elvis talking about "overweight little woman etc..., but it is only a bleed from other microphones. This vocal edit is utterly pathetic, really!!

Songs that are incomplete from start are patched together with a live take of the same song, with audience reaction and everything. And it do so NOT WORK. Most annoying is 'Something', but also two versions of 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' have lost their charm with the same opening sample on both takes... Ouch!! Can it be Vic Anesini who has butchered it like this? (However, it is technically perfect!)

Anyway, one of the most sought after albums, has effectively been reduced to - only - a good sounding, but poorly produced CD. A shame!

After the August 1970 rehearsal, some songs from 1972 and 1973 (also Las Vegas rehearsal) are added. All have been bootlegged, but the fidelity is slightly better here.

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Amarillo '77
A completely new soundboard from 1977 is out from FTD. On the Rocking Across Texas FTD released the June 19 1974 show from Amarillo, Texas. Next in line is the March 24 show from 1977. Very little has been known about this concert, and kudos to FTD for deciding to release a show never heard by Elvis fans not being there, either in soundboard or audience recorded quality.

The first songs are missing, so the CD starts with 'That's All Right'. The song setup reminds very much about the Charlotte concert from February 21, 1977. Unfortunately Elvis is just barely in slightly better shape here than in Charlotte.
Tagged to the end are 10 songs from other concerts during this tour. Soundquality is acceptable, though far from as good as on From Louisiana To Tennessee.

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Pot Luck (FTD) - Vinyl
POT LUCK - 2 LP version - (506020 975025)
Released in June 2011 was also this limited vinyl version of 'Pot Luck (FTD)'. A 2-LP (180gr) vinyl set!

Supplied in a new gatefold sleeve.
Elvis Sings Guitar Man
Released late April 2011.

A double CD featured studio tracks from 1966 and 1967. Featuring a lot of outtakes, some new, while most have been issued before. Especially So High is well represented!

Great sound quality!

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Live In L.A.
Released late April 2011.

A CD only re-issue of the book/CD combo released several years ago. Comes with new cover, but is not considered as a "new" release pr definition.

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Elvis Is Back - Legacy edition
ELVIS IS BACK - Legacy edition
Another Lecacy edition is out. This time "Elvis Is Back" is showcased, coupled with a lot of other songs from the same era.

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Live In Vegas
...another complete show from August 1969!

Mixed and mastered by Vic Anesini - never a drawback, most often a real plus - 4 songs from this show have previously been released. One of them is the giant version of 'Suspicious Minds', featured on Elvis In Person. Another is 'My Babe' first issued on Elvis Aron Presley (Silverbox) in a somewhat strange mix, while 'Can't Help Falling In Love' (Elvis In Person) and 'Inherit The Wind' (Collectors Gold) are the rest. It is also worth noting that 'Love Me Tender' from this show is listed as "master" and that 'Jailhouse Rock' is listed as composite master, spliced with 'Don't Be Cruel' from August 24. None is previously released.

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