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Review of Elvis By The Presleys by Per Kristian Fure
Review of The Concert Years by Armond Joseph

The Final Countdown To Midnight THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT - (Backdraft)
A very good release that focus on Elvis' New Years Eve concert in Pittsburg 1976. One of the most talked about concert among Elvis fans ever!

The Final Curtain THE FINAL CURTAIN - (Boxcar)
A stunning release that focus on Elvis during 1977. It contains a 400 page book with 6 CDs and 6 DVDs.

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Elvis On Tour DVD/Blu-ray ELVIS ON TOUR - (Warner Bros)
Available now - finally - is a DVD and Blu-ray release of "Elvis On Tour". This marks the very first mainstream digital release of the documentary (available on Laser Disc during the 90's). Restoration and transfer was done already 3 years ago.

For some odd reasons the opening sequence has been altered. 'Johnny B. Goode' is axed, and the new opening song is 'Don't Be Cruel' (Hampton Roads, April 9 1972). The explanation from Warner Bros on why 'Johnny B. Goode' is not included lacks all kind of credibility; We could not get in contact with Chuck Berry et al.... You should think that such a task would be easy within a period of 3 years, and especially so, since 'Johnny B. Goode' already earlier has been a problem for digital Elvis releases (Aloha From Hawaii).

Even more, the replacement - Don't Be Cruel - is so out of place in this opening sequence, that it hurts. And on top of it all, 'Don't Be Cruel' has been looped, and the patch-work is so unprecise that it all comes out as something very amateurish. The whole story, the new work and everything about the opening is utterly pathetic.

This again means that many Elvis fans, will not buy this release. It is a pity, but sadly to say it all make sense!
Elvis Vegas '69 ELVIS: VEGAS '69 - (Smash Design Company)
Elvis: Vegas '69 is a new 200-page hardback book that commemorates the 40th ann. of Elvis' return to live performance. Written by Ken Sharp, also author of the critically acclaimed Writing For The King, the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis' return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis's miraculous artistic and creative rebirth.

Culling 100 new interviews, the 60,000 word text offers a gripping account of this seminal event told by the people who were there including Priscilla Presley, Elvis' TCB bandmates, the Sweet Inspirations, the Imperials, the Memphis Mafia, celebrities in attendance and much more.

Packed with over 150 full color and b&w images, many from the Graceland archives, vintage Vegas/Elvis concert memorabilia, a '69 show index and much more, the book will transport the reader back to the Strip for one of the most electrifying moments in Elvis's monumental career. The book is slated for publication in August.

For more info contact Ken Sharp / Smash Design Company.
TTWII Complete Works TTWII COMPLETE WORKS - (International Productions)
Released now is a limited box set named "That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works".

It contains 6 music CD's, featuring the 6 concerts recorded by RCA back in 1970 (Aug. 10 Opening show to Aug. 13 Dinner show). In addition the box contains 3 DVD (dual layer) with almost all film material recorded.

Feedback suggest that a fine editing work has been done and that the quality of the movie is better than on other outtakes released during the last 7 years. Though not comparable to official releases.

The music CD's are in mono and in good - though not brilliant - sound quality.
Inside Blue Hawaii INSIDE BLUE HAWAII - (EU Productions)
Like the previous "inside" box-sets also this one include a book, DVD and a vinyl single. A full colour book features several unknown stories about Elvis the movie.

Released in April 2009.
Inside Love Me Tender INSIDE LOVE ME TENDER - (EU Productions)
Like the previous "inside" box-sets also this one include a book, DVD and a vinyl single. A 152-page full colour book features several unknown stories about Elvis' first movie, many rare and unpublished pictures of Elvis during the filming, at the photo sessions and in the recording studio.

Written by Megan Murphy, foreword by Ger Rijff, who years ago worked on a book about Love Me Tender. The DVD will contain some interesting footage from the movie set, premiers and of course the original trailer.
Inside Graceland INSIDE GRACELAND - (EU Productions)
This new box from Elvis Unlimited is titled "Inside Graceland".

What you can find on the 112 pages of never before seen pictures is that the foyer, the living room, the dining room and even the jungle room has changed a lot since Elvis died. What you will see here for the fist time in print is the red Ludwig XV style rooms that were installed in 1974. More than half of the pictures were shot in 1975. Linda Thompson takes the photographer on a tour through the house.

The pictures in the book are from the collection of Sherif Hanna. The book has been written by Megan Murphy.
Elvis Is Back ELVIS IS BACK - (EU Productions)
This new box from Elvis Unlimited is titled "Elvis Is Back". It is made in the same manner as the two “Inside” boxes. The book contains more pages and the DVD last longer than in the two previous boxes.

The book presents many new pictures from this period. Among those are some from the filming of G.I. Blues, not used the in "Inside G.I. Blues" book...
Inside Inside Roustabout INSIDE ROUSTABOUT - (EU Productions)
Inside Roustabout the follow up to Inside G.I. Blues.

This box-set includes a book, DVD, vinyl single and more. The book is a 112-page full colour book featuring a lot of unknown stories about the movie, many rare and unpublished pictures of Elvis during the filming, at photo sessions, in the recording studio etc.

The texts about the movie has been written by Megan Murphy. The foreword is by Bob Moore. The DVD contain some never before seen footages from the movie set, plus the original trailer.
Memphis Recording Service Vol. 2 MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE VOL. 2 - (MRS -)
Set for release soon is volume two in this Sun Records project. Bigger in all proportions that its predecessor, the package is produced by Joseph Pirzada.

You will get a 5.1 DVD-Audio disc with 40 fully restored tracks from 1955 (including 9 bonus tracks from 1954). The DVD also contain unreleased footage, which will mark the first known for Elvis Presley that predates the Magnolia Gardens and Lubbock footage of 1955.

The book contains exclusive new information on Elvis Presley in 1955 and is written by Joseph Pirzada and co- written by John Michael Heath.

Also this time you will get a 45rpm vinyl of 'Mystery Train' using a the original SUN 45rpm master 223 mother stamper (last time used in 1977).
Inside G. I. Blues INSIDE G. I. BLUES - (EU Productions)
This new inside book from Ger Rijff and Elvis Unlimited Productions follows the line of similar projects from Ger Rijff.

It contains 112 pages of known classic and rare and never before seen pictures from the movie.

There is also a limited release including a 45 rpm vinyl single and a DVD. The DVD contain never before seen footages from the movie set. The 45 rpm. promotion vinyl single features some rare radio spots that have never been released on Cd.
All Elvis Vol. 2 ALL ELVIS 2 - (EU Productions)
"All Elvis" from Elvis Unlimited Productions contained more than 200 pictures of Elvis on stage, in private and in the studio etc.

THis is a follow up to this release, appropriately called "All Elvis 2".

Containg more than 150 photos this time, rare and previously unpublished. All found on 80 pages.

Price is 149 DKK.
Memphis Recording Service Vol. 1 MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE VOL. 1 - (MRS 100209)
Released in November 2005, this Sun Records project includes a detailed book with new information, unseen documents and color photos covering the beginning of Elvis Presley's music career.

You get a 5.1 DVD-Audio disc with 11 restored tracks from 1953-1954 using never before released original sources of masters, acetates and tapes to produce high quality sound never before heard. A selection of photographs is used to accompany each song.

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Elvis By The Presleys - DVD ELVIS BY THE PRESLEYS - (BMG Music)
A double DVD release featuring a collection of new, intimate interviews with Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley. It also includes some exclusive, never-before-seen television performances, photographs from the Presley Estate archives and Presley family home movies.

Rare interviews with Elvis's first cousin, Patsy Presley Geranen, and Priscilla's parents, Ann and Paul Beaulieu, are also featured.

Private home movies of the Presley family illustrate and illuminate his story. Different aspects of Elvis's life, including his tours, his time in Hollywood and his home life, are depicted with the insight that only his family can bring. His career ups and downs, his kindness and generosity and his human frailties are all brought to light as well as a reflection on his place in entertainment history and his enduring legacy.

Released in May 2005. Containing 2 DVD's.

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Behind The Image Vol. 2 BEHIND THE IMAGE VOL. 2 - (Bud Glass Productions)
Released now is this Volume 2 of "Behind The Image". Subtitled "Welcome to his world", this new book contain rare and previoulsy unreleased images of Elvis, spanning from 1956 to 1977.

A total of 520 photos are found on the 140 pages in this book. Photos from the 60's and 70's are in color.

Available from Elvis Unlimited at 499.- Dkk.
Elvis N. Y. '72 ELVIS N. Y. '72 - (E.U. Productions)
This 32 page book tells the story about the days Elvis spend in New York in June 1972. It features three chapthers. One about the press conference, one about the warm up show and one about the the shows themself.

Written by Henryk Matraszek, while the photos has been taken by the Norwegian photographer Odd Gulbrandsen. Odd were there at the press conference and the shows.

Included is also a CD containing the complete press conference. Available from Elvis Unlimited at 119.- Dkk.
Uncut Legends UNCUT LEGENDS - (NME)
"Elvis is, quite simply, Number One. To ram the point home, and celebrate his 70th birthday, he scored his 19th UK Number One with the scintillating 'Jailhouse Rock'. A week later he had the landmark 1,000th UK Number One with 'One Night'."

"Uncut Legends: Elvis is the full amazing story of how a bizarrely dressed 19 year-old walked into a small studio and changed music forever. With a forward by Bono, this is the definitive story of the legend. It's packed with incisive writing and some of the greatest images of Elvis." (from

Released in April 2005. Containing 148 pages.

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Humes High School - The Herald HUMES HIGH SCHOOL - THE HERALD (EUP)
Fifty years have passed since Elvis' high school graduation. He donated money for R.O.T.C. uniforms. He unexpectedly stopped by Humes high school during Father's Night and gave a brief performance. In the Early years Elvis would stop by the school with Hollywood friends to visit students and his favourite teachers. The students of Humes high school returned Elvis' generosity in 1957 by dedicating that years annual to him.

The annual from 1953 (the year Elvis graduated) was the first to be re-printed. Now also the 1957 edition has been reprinted.
(Tennessee Three Stars inc.)

Like A Prince From Another Planet from Three Stars inc. in Luxemburg contains 72 pages full of colour-photos.

Among those are many rare and unpublished pictures of Elvis in the the 1970's.

Available at Elvis Unlimited at the price 169 DKK.
Born To Rock BORN TO ROCK - (Praytome Publishing)
A book containing 170 shots of a professional photographer, plus more than 60 candids. The candids contains Elvis on and off stage in many little occurrences happend around the tour of July 1975.
Elvis In Munich ELVIS IN MUNICH - ISBN 3-00-014671-7
As is well-known, Elvis went to the Moulin Rouge night club in Munich during both of his visits in Munich. However, the author has found evidence that Elvis also went to another Munich night club in March 1959. The club was called "Eve-Bar" and was located just around the corner from the "Amerika-Haus" on Karolinenplatz in Munich. You can read more about this in Andreas Roths book Elvis In Munich.

The authors homepage is here: Elvis In Munich.
Return To Splendour RETURN TO SPLENDOUR - (EUP )
Out on DVD for the first time. Originally released as a VHS, it contains several snippets of Elvis during the 70's, caught by amateur camera.

All in all high quality, though the narration gets quite annoying after a while..:-)
The Concert Years THE CONCERT YEARS - (Flaming Star)
Probably the very best Elvis book for true Elvis fans. Written by the Norwegian Stein Erik Skar. Containing concert information from 1969 to 1977 with several newspaper-reviews, a list of songs performed on the different tours and Las Vegas seasons. A detailed list of venues and stage outfit used by Elvis. And... of course several pictures, in color!

You will find this on 270 pages, all written in English.

Higly recommended!

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Elvis Sessions III ELVIS SESSIONS III - (JAT Productions)
Joseph A Tunzi has now released the third edition of his famous Elvis Sessions book.

Containing bootlegs, rehearsals, soundboards and an updated discography on 440 pages. Also featured are several pictures not seen before, and according to JAT "some in color".

Of all the books JAT publish, this is the best and most dedicated!
Cold Night In Nashville A COLD NIGHT IN NASHVILLE - (JAT Productions)
Joseph A Tunzi has also release a CD. Under the title "A Cold Night In Nashville", the CD focus on numbers planned for recording, but in most cases not accomplished. Most interesting are the demos from the aborted January 1977 session.

'Day By Day' - Dennis Linde
'Rainy Night In Georgia - Brook Benton
'Energy' -Tommy Roe
'That's What You Do To Me' - Bob Morrison
'Way Down' - Layng Martine Jr.
'Yes I Do' - Alan Rush
'Let Me On' - Layng Martine Jr.
'Energy' - Bob Morrison
'Rainy Night In Georgia' - Tony Joe White
'I've Got A Feelin' In My Body' - Dennis Linde
This new book is written by Martin Kloster from Elvis Unlimited. It means the first A-Z book listing all the essential facts relating to the lives of all the other famous celebrities Elvis met during his life. With every picture there is a short biography containing the basic facts and details of when, where, why, how and who is seen on the picture.

The book is not intended to be a book with many rare and unpublished pictures of Elvis. Instead it will feature well-known and rare photos of Elvis together with other celebrities he met during his career.

To be released on August 10.
Word For Word Vol. 2 THE COMPLETE WORD FOR WORD Vol. 2
To conclude the talking collection Elvis Unlimited has released a second volume of The Complete Word For Word. This single CD contains 6 interviews that were not available at the time when the 5 CD box came out, some radio spots featuring Elvis, a backstage meeting between Elvis and some fans and the complete Hy Gardner telephone interview from 1956.

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"ELVIS: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD" is a three-disc set featuring all the material shot for Elvis Presley's 1968 television special. The original broadcast version of the special is included for historical context. Featured are the two complete sitdown shows and the two complete standup shows. Also included are all takes of the material shot for the original broadcast's production numbers and for the show's opening and closing segments. Over half of the seven hours of material on this set is previously unreleased. The material is presented with newly re-mastered sound and picture.

"ELVIS: Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD" is a two-disc set featuring all the performance material shot for "Aloha From Hawaii". The original American broadcast version of the show is included for historical context. The DVD set features the complete main concert and the complete rehearsal concert performed the day before. Both concerts are presented with newly re-mastered sound and picture. Also included is the raw, uncut footage shot of Elvis arriving and the raw, uncut performance footage of songs recorded for the after-show session.

Click for review of '68 Comeback DVD.
Memories - Sweetened Thru The Ages Just Like Wine MEMORIES (EU Productions/Elvis Matters)
Elvis Unlimited and Elvis Matters has released "Memories - Sweetened Thru The Ages Just Like Wine". The book contains over a hundred pictures on 160 pages. Peter Verbruggen is author of this book where John Wilkinson remembers his years with Elvis.

"Sweetened through the ages just like wine..." is a nice subtitle. Elvis wasn't always very nice to John Wilkinson on stage, but in retrospect the positive memories have a tendency to suppress the bad...

The book also contains a CD.
Elvis Has Left The Building ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING - (Rock Legends)
A 24-track CD containing different media coverage of the death of Elvis Presley. Here you will find fans reactions, celebrity comments, newsreports and more.

The CD runs for almost 78 minutes. It is presented in a stylish way with several nice photes!

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Rock'n'Roll Years - My Wich Came True THE ROCK'N ROLL YEARS - MY WISH CAME TRUE
Ger Rijff from Holland and Elvis Unlimited Production from Denmark has co-operated on this new book about Elvis in the 1950's. The book mainly focus on the years 1954-58.

The book contains several previously un-published pictures and is pressed on high-quality paper.

The price is 249 DKK.

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Pieces Of My Life PIECES OF MY LIFE - (EU Productions)
Elvis Unlimited Productions has now released a picture book called "Pieces Of My Life - A Collection Of Rare And Unpublished Pictures Of The King". It contains many rare and never before published photos of Elvis. The book covers all areas of Elvis' life.

Like with their recent book "All Elvis" we are again talking about an 80 page soft cover book in full colour and printed on heavy glossy paper.

The price is 149 DKK.

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Reading Of The Diary READING OF THE DIARY - (EU Productions)
EU Production has released a tribute CD to Jackie Kahane entitled "Reading Of The Diary". Elvis' comedian is one of the few people around Elvis that there never have been much attention on.

This release contains an interview with Jackie, some rare recordings of Elvis and his group on tour and a recording of the reading of the diary. Jackie wrote a diary on every tour he was one with Elvis. When the tour was over he band and all the crew people always had a party (not attended by Elvis) were Jackie would read the diary and make fun of some the things that have happened on the tour.

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The Press Conferences Vol. 2
Elvis Unlimited has now released a follow up to their double Cd "The Press Conferences". This second volume will contain the complete press conferences from Canada (1957), New York (Brooklyn, 1958) and Honolulu, Hawaii (November 1972). Some of this material have been released in parts before.

"The Press Conferences, Vol. 2" is presented in a digi-pack. Price is 119 DKK or 16 Euros.

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Crazy - The Funny Side Of Elvis Presley

Contains snippets of Elvis talking on stage, taken from different soundboards.

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Produced by "Always Elvis" in Austria and released at the end of October 2002. This book contains more than 100 unpublished pictures from the September 1970 tour.

Available at the price of 340 Danske kroner.
A Celebration ELVIS - A CELEBRATION - (DK Publishing)
Done by Mike Evans using several pictures from the Graceland archives. Featuring approx. 600 images over the same amount of pages, it spans through the whole of Elvis' life and career.

Some of the pictures are very familiar, but there are also a portion of fairly "new" images of Elvis in this book.

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Best Friends Remembers ELVIS - HIS BEST FRIEND REMEMBERS - (J. Esposito)
A video/DVD with Joe Esposito telling stories of his life with Elvis.

The Elvis Presley Estate did not approve the film, so therefore no Elvis music could be used. As a "replacement", an instrumental track runs through the whole film, and it's very annoying.

A major problem with this film is that there is so little use of footage, i.e. we only get to see approx. ten seconds from 70's live performances. And not a single frame from Joe's extensive collection of home movies.

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All Elvis ALL ELVIS - (EU Productions)
"All Elvis" from Elvis Unlimited Productions contains more than 200 pictures of Elvis on stage, in private and in the studio etc. Several of them are unpublished before.

Spanning from 1955 to 1977 the pictures are found on 80 pages, several in black and white, but most color photos.

Produced in 2002 copies, the price is as low as 149 DKK or $ 18.

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Behind The Image BEHIND THE IMAGE - (Spotlight films)
Behind The Image contains several minutes of never before seen video footage and interviews with people who knew Elvis.

Approximately 75 minutes in length. Available in Region Free format.

Price is 40 US dollars.
It's Elvis Time Publications released a book containing pictures from a photographer called Laurens van Houten. The pictures are taken during the unusual August / September 1973 Las Vegas engagement. There are several pictures from the September 3rd 1973 Closing Show. On this show Elvis entered stage riding on Lamar Fikes back carrying a pluche monkey himself.

Glen D. Hardin has written the introduction. The book is hardback and contains 135 pictures (80 in colours). All on 128 pages.

Price is 50 US dollars (incl. shipping).

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Released now is a 5 CD set called "The Complete Word For Word".

Said to contain every interview, commercial, speech of any kind that was ever recorded in Elvis' lifetime.

Price is 279 DKK, 37 Euro or 33 US dollars.

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Elvis, The Colonel and Me ELVIS, THE COLONEL & ME
 1) Introducing Ed Bonja (Including very RARE Colonel footage)
 2) Ed Bonja Introduced By Elvis (Hear Elvis making fun of Ed)
 3) Impersonating J.D. Sumner
 4) Playing Poker (Pictures of the guys playing poker with concessions money)
 5) Scarves (Colonel selling scarves to Elvis??)
 6) Stolen Capen (Ed Bonja and Tom Hulett playing Elvis)
 7) Graceland On Album Cover (See other photos taken by Ed of Graceland)
 8) Song Lyrics (Footage and memorabilia)
 9) Aloha Poster (Including the press conf. from Sept. 5 1972 w/ orig. sound)
10) Bodyguard
11) Closest Ever To Meeting Elvis
12) Weight
13) The Almost Break Up
14) Funny Story
15) Photo Credit
16) Favourite Photo
17) Bonus: Elvis On Stage: 1971 - 1972
18) Bonus: Elvis On Stage: 1976 - 1977
19) Bonus: Slide Show (DVD ONLY)

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The Hottest Thing That's Cool THE HOTTEST THING THAT'S COOL
This is the third release from Elvis Unlimited. Now pictures from Alfred Wertheimer are in focus. The book is released in co-operation with Tutti Frutti Productions.

The first part (60 pages) contains Wertheimer's pictures of the Richmond '56 concert, while the second part deals with Elvis in New York in 1956 at various times and locations (a.o. Dorsey, Steve Allen)

Featuring 116 photograps, several in colors.

The price is 349 DKK or $ 40.
That's The Way It Is THAT'S THE WAY IT IS
The revised That's The Way It Is (MGM) from 1970.

In short this is both the original TTWII and the 1992 video release 'The Lost Performance' in one package. Originally this new edition promised a whole lot, eventually several additions were removed.

Picture quality is very good. Unfortunately people report errors in sound on the rehearsal stuff. The same material that was in good sound quality on the original release...

The DVD release also claims to contain 60 minutes of extra footage, although that was removed from schedule long time ago!

Sloppy work this time also...

Available on VHS and DVD.
Elvis On Stage by Keith Alverson ELVIS ON STAGE
This is the second release from Elvis Unlimited and it focus on photos from Keith Alverson.

This is a great book!

Featuring 110 color photograps, this time in hardcover!

The price is a bit higher than the first release - $ 40 or 349 DKK.

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Features 100 pages in full color (Hey...there's a novelty...) All are photos "shot by Ed Bonja", and in addition you get little stories behind some pictures.

The first 1000 order will get a free bonus CD that contains some stories from Ed himself.

The price of this book is interesting...meaning a bit cheaper that you would expect for a book containing only color photographs.

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DVD. Running time: over 3 hours. Includes: How Great Thou Art - Peace In The Valley - Swing Down, Sweet Chariot - Where Could I Go - I, John - If I Can Dream - American Trilogy - Bosom Of Abraham - You Gave Me A Mountain - In The Ghetto - Put Your Hand In The Hand - Bridge Over Troubled Water - He Touched Me - I Believe In The Man In The Sky - Why Me, Lord? - Take My Hand, Precious Lord - In The Garden - His Hand In Mine - It Is No Secret - Mansion Over The Hilltop - Father Along - Where No One Stands Alone - Without Him - You'll Never Walk Alone - Amazing Grace - Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Saved - I'll Remember You - Somebody Bigger Than You And I - Up Above My head - Sweet, Sweet Spirit - Stand By Me.

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Written by Peter Guralnick (the author of Last Train To Memphis and Careless Love) and Ernst Jorgensen, this book deal with Elvis Presley from A to Z, or from birth to death!

More about this release later. It should be in everyones collection...
Earlier we heard that a fan in the Netherlands possessed 4 1/2 hours of the CBS-tape from June 1977, filmed to create the 'Elvis In Concert'. To this day the complete material has not been released.

However portions is out on different releases. Available are the Omaha concert and the majority of Rapid City concert. The quality is in general very good, but be aware. It is likely that you will be offered a x-generation copy.
This is a high quality bootleg video. Especially the footage from Kansas City, June 18 1977 is great. This is the concert before CBS started filming their 'Elvis In Concert' project. A fun version of Are 'You Lonesome Tonight', together with 'Big Boss Man' and more.

This video also has footage from Chicago, both concerts in May (1 and 2). The concert from May 2nd has two different camera angles. Be aware that this is filmed by amateur camera, and therefore can not be compared with e.g. 'Elvis In Concert'. Still, high quality!
Encore Performances III Encore Performances III - Back To Chicago
Another picture book from Joseph A Tunzi. This time the focus is on Elvis in Chicago, May 1 1977.

As always with J.A.T.'s books there are too many black and white photos. I am aware that color photographs is more expensive, but I suppose that it should be possible to include more of such, given the rather high price of the book. Unfortunately most of the pictures in this book is blurry and out of focus. In addition to the Chicago concert, there also is a 'Tru the Years' section. This section in fact saves the whole release. Still, this book is far from the best of all the J.A.T. books we have had through the years.
This book focuses on the Aloha From Hawaii production. There are lots of photographs from both 'Alternate Aloha' and of course 'Aloha From Hawaii'.

In addition this book contains photos from other related 'Aloha' things, including all press conferences. It also contains information about all the songs Elvis 'planned' to do in the concert, and songs lined up for rehearsals etc...

The quality of the book is very high, but it contains too many black and white photographs to be considered 'A Must Have'
The Unmaking of Elvis Presley
The Book from Peter Guralnick is a follow up of the Last Train To Memphis. I bought this just before Christmas, and I warn you. Don't ever start reading this book in the evening, if you need sleep. It is hard to stop reading this book. It is so fascinating and so complete, and also I believe that the information in this book is accurate. Click here for a review as found in the Washington Post.

You should buy this book. Together with Last Train To Memphis it is 'all' you need to learn about Elvis, the man, the music and the phenomen.
The Complete Recording Sessions
This is the most comprehensive work of all the Recording Session books we have. Not surprisingly, since this is the last one in line of all book on this subject, but also Ernst have a unique possibility to get the right information. Several rumors are put to rest, new stories are revealed and for us diehard recording facts-fanatics, it is a relief. On the other hand the book also reveals some of the low interest for Elvis in 1977. So late as the time for the Platinum release, Ernst told us that My Way was from Saginaw, April 25. In this book, only months later he says that 'My Way' was sung in Chicago May 2. The correct date is Saginaw, April 25! In addition Ernst tells us that 'Mystery Train/Tiger Man' were done also in Chicago this day. Wrong again, as Elvis only did this medley on one single occasion in 1977, namely in Saginaw May 3rd!

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