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The Stellar Nashville Sessions, 1960 - 1964
BMG - 07863 67840 2

This release is a typical "Essential" - release. Like all others there are some studios chat and a lot of humor, but less on this release compared to its procedures.

I miss the "latin" version of 'I'll Be Gone' and an outtake of 'Fountain Of Love'. Unfortunately there are no outtakes of brilliant pieces like 'Reconsider Baby', and 'Are You Lonesome Tonight'. There exist a mono version of the latter (as released on the bootleg The Colonel's Collection, but I can understand that this one is not featured on "Such A Night".

This release is for obvious reasons not as interesting as previous volumes of this "Essential" series have been. A lot of the content on this CD is already released in good quality on different bootlegs. Of course, the quality is sometimes much better on this official CD, but still...the content is very familiar.

Talking about the is magnificent. Perhaps the bass is too prominent on certain tracks, but the overall sound is clear as no tomorrow.

1. SUCH A NIGHT - Take (2,3) 5 [Master = Take 5]

  • This is same "false start" version that was released on Legendary Performer Vol. 2
2. MAKE ME KNOW IT - Take 3 [Master = Take 19]

  • This is the first time we hear an outtake of this song. Except from a very prominent backing vocal by Ray Walker it is quite similar to the master take.
3. STUCK ON YOU - Take 2 [Master = Take 3]

  • First released on Theres Always Me Vol. 1. Also this version is very much like similar to master take, except from a somewhat different vocal timing. The ending is messed up, so it couldn't be a master take.
4. FEVER - Take 1 [Master = Take 4]

  • Just as good as the master take. I wonder why Elvis did more takes of this one. Right on the spot in take 1!! The mixing of this song emphasize the bass very much. Perhaps a bit too much?
5. THE GIRL OF MY BEST FRIEND - Take 6 [Master = Take 10]

  • The vocal timing is different in several places. Otherwise similar to the master.
6. SOLDIER BOY Take 1 [Master = Take 15]

  • A more careful approach from Elvis on this take. In the middle of the song Elvis misses the cue. A good version to be take 1, but I fully understand that more takes was needed to create a decent master.
7. SURRENDER Take 9 [Master = Take 4/W-P 8]

  • Man, does this song suffer from bad audio. You get the impression that Elvis stands outside studio B when he sings this. It's a shame, because this is a splendid version of the song.
8. I BELIEVE IN THE MAN IN THE SKY Take 1 [Master = Take 4]

  • This take appeared on the bootleg Stand By Me in stereo quality. Pretty much the same standard as on the master take. This is the type of song that Elvis could have created a master in half a take!
9. GIVE ME THE RIGHT Take 2 [Master = Take 4)

  • Take 1 was released on Collectors Gold in 1991. Take 3 is the master. This one - take 2 - is released officially for the first time, but it appeared on There's Always Me Vol. 3 in 1995. Luckily BMG has mixed this version so that Millie Kirkhams backup singing is very prominent, just like on the above mentioned bootleg. It is a thrill.
10. I'M COMING HOME - Take 2 [Master = Take 7]

  • Before this take Elvis states that he needs the lyrics. The feeling of the song, the timing and everything else are where it should be. Similar to master.
11. THERE'S ALWAYS ME Take 9 [Master = Take 10]

  • This version was released in good quality on the bootleg Elvis Meets Presley. I can't spot any difference compared to the master take.
12. LITTLE SISTER Take 9 [Master = Take 4]

  • Released on There's Always Me Vol. 3. This version is very much the same as master take. The mixing on this one emphasize the bass very much. Again, perhaps a bit too much, as it gets a bit muddy.
13. I MET HER TODAY Take 4 [Master = Take 18]

  • Take 1 was released on Collectors Gold in 1991. This take is like take 1... very good. I wonder why Elvis did 14 more takes of this song. The bass is too prominent on this track.
14. GONNA GET BACK HOME SOMEHOW Take 5 [Master = Take 7]

  • Very similar to the master take. This is an annoying song, I think!
15. NIGHT RIDER Take 5 [Master = Take 3]

16. (SUCH AN) EASY QUESTION - Take 2 [Master = Take 5]

  • Reader's Digest released take 4 on 'Elvis - The Legend Lives On'. Take 1 is false start, as Elvis says it goes too fast. The tempo is slowed down on take 2. This version is pure as a maiden's water. Really splendid!
17. SUSPICION - Take 2 [Master = Take 5]

  • Released on There's Always Me. This take featured here is very similar to the master.
18. PLEASE DON'T DRAG THAT STRING AROUND - Take 1 [Master = Take 6]

  • A little bit looser than the master take. Not among my favorites.
19. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE - Take 5 [Master = Take 6]

  • This is the second version; the one that was recorded in 1964. As one can except of a take before the master, it is very similar to the actual master. There is a sound distortion on the intro of this take.
20. IT HURTS ME - Take 1 [Master = Take 5]

  • Take 1 is a bit slower than the master take 5. A bit insecure version, but still impressive to be take 1.

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