THERE'S ALWAYS ME VOL. 3 (Bilko CD 1798/1799) (Released 1995)
Studio outtakes from the 60's (and 50's)

1. Review by
Thomas Nilsson
Something Blue (1, 2) - Fountain Of Love (1 - 6) - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (1, 2) - That's Someone You Never Forget (1, 2, 5) - I'm Yours (1, 4 & wp 1) - Little Sister (f.s. & 3, 9) - His Latest Flame (try-out, 1 - 3) - Easy Question (f.s. & 3) - Give Me The Right (2, 3) - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (1, 3)

Rubberneckin' (1) - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (3, 5 - 11) - And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind (2 - 5) - Power Of My Love (2 - 6) - Come Out, Come Out (instr. try-out) - It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (2) - I Met Her Today (19, 20) - Love Me Tonight (4, 5)

Content: 5+   Sound: 5   Artwork: 5+

Review by Thomas Nilsson

The first thing that strikes you with this double disc is the packaging and the cover art. Superb!

This long foldout box is very attractive, with some pictures of Elvis, Elvis records (but not associated with the songs on this album, though) and other Elvis memorabilia, like an advertisement from 1955. Very nice indeed!

The first disc starts with 'Something Blue', takes 1 and 2. Take 1 was released on the RCA's Platinum, so take 2 is the only "new" one. It doesn't differ very much from the master. Unfortunately, quite a bit of the material is now (partly) released by BMG, but when this record was released in 1995, the material was new... but times changes.

'Fountain Of Love' takes 1-6 is not officially released and is quite ok, even though not one of my favorites. Take 10 is the master. 'Gonna Get Back Somehow' takes 1-2 is also ok, but since neither this or the earlier one are among my favorites, I don't hear any big differences from the master. 'That's Someone You Never Forget' takes 1,2,5 is the next, and take 1 was released on The Essential 60s Masters box set, but the others are "new". A nice, touching song.

'I'm Yours' take 1, 4 and WP take 1 is nice, but it's not among my most played Elvis songs. 'Little Sister' takes 3 and 9, of which #9 was released on Essential Elvis Vol. 6. Take 3 is only a false start, if you want the whole session, it is available on Alternate Golden Hits vol. 3 (in very good quality). Therefore, this is not very interesting. 'His Latest Flame' try-out takes 1 - 3 is the most interesting part of the first disc, very different from the master, with very prominent organ.

'Easy Question' take 3 is nice to have, but not essential. 'Give Me The Right' takes 2 and 3, of which take 2 is available on Essential vol. 6. Since the song is good, it is nice to have take 3 too. 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' takes 1 and 3 is officially fully released, on Platinum and Complete 50s Masters.

The second disc starts out with some studio laughter and then a false start of 'Rubberneckin', and some more studio chatter, followed by a full take. This is sure nice to have, the song sounds rather different without the overdubs and it is a bit longer too. Then follows the best part of the whole disc takes 1-7 of 'True Love Travels On A Gravel Road' - 7 beautiful takes - with studio chatter and everything! If I'm not mistaking, three of the takes are complete and one is a long false start, and some other shorter false starts. They all have two things in common; Elvis acoustic guitar is quite audible, and they sure sound better than the try-out take released by BMG on Suspicious Minds. I personally prefer these before the master; I think that version is a bit too "overdubbed". But that is my humble opinion.

Then follows 'And The Grass Won't Pay Me No Mind' takes 1-5, which sure is nice to have, but unfortunately there is no complete take, which is a bit annoying to me. Power Of My Love takes 2-6 follows, but only one complete take, take 3, which was also released on BMG's Platinum. The rest is false starts and some dirty language. 'Come Out, Come Out' is instrumental, since Elvis never laid a vocal to it. Therefore it is not very interesting, you probably listen to it once or twice, but that's about it.

The next is take 3 of 'It Keeps Right On A Hurtin', which have been released by BMG on Suspicious Minds, so there's nothing special here anymore.

Then we have two beautiful takes of 'I Met Her Today' unfortunately no one is complete. On these takes, the intro is piano only, no Jordinaires, which to me sounds better than the finished version. At the end there are two takes of 'Love Me Tonight' both are complete. Very beautiful!

The sound quality is very good, but not as good as if they were released by BMG.

Conclusion: It is still a pretty interesting record, because of mostly 'True Love Travels On A Gravel Road' and 'His Latest Flame', but not among my absolute favorites. There should have been more 1969 material on it and less "Pot Luck" material. I have nothing really against "Pot Luck", but there's nothing wrong with the masters.

If you are a fan who wants to have everything, then you already have this one, but for the others I would advise you to buy American Crown Jewels and Alternate Golden Hits vol. 3 instead.

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