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In this section you'll find a systematic overview over the different bootleg-releases from Gravel Road Music. This label have mostly released re-issues of earlier bootlegs and even taken material from official releases. Some comes in better sound, some in poorer and some in just different sound. The quality was best on their first releases, later it mostly appear as a straight copy-cat label. The bootlegs are listet after the release date, starting with the first (Vegas Rhythm) and so on...

Vegas Rhythm
You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country
The Brightest Star On Sunset Blvd
Plugged In & Geared Up
Return Of A Prodigy
A Day In Dayton
Get Down And Dirty
Summer Festival - Continues At Full Blast
Hilton's All Shook Up
Good To Be Back
Spanish Eyes By Request!
Spanish Eyes By Request!
Star-Spangled Spectacular
Summer You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country Vol. 2
Snowbird Revisted
Only Believe
Elvis In Concert
Leaner And Meaner Than Ever

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