KISS ME QUICK LITTLE SISTER (KMQ 1061) (Released 2000)
Cover from Rene Vos

1.  Review by Patrick
"Complete" studio session, June 25 - 26 1961

 1: Kiss Me Quick (1)
 2: I'm Yours (2)
 3: Kiss Me Quick (2)
 4: That's Someone You Never Forget (2, 3, 4, 5)
 5: I'm Yours (3, 4)
 6: Kiss Me Quick (3)
 7: His Latest Flame (rehearsal 1, 2)
 8: Little Sister (1, 2, 3)
 9: Kiss Me Quick (4)
10: His Latest Flame (3)
11: Kiss Me Quick (5, 6)
12: I'm Yours (5 + WP 1, 2)
13: That's Someone You Never Forget (6, 7)
14: Kiss Me Quick (7)
15: His Latest Flame (4)
16: Little Sister (4, 5, 6)
16: Kiss Me Quick (8, 9)
17: His Latest Flame (5, 6)
18: Little Sister (7, 8, 9, 10)
19: Kiss Me Quick (10)
20: His Latest Flame (7, 9, 10, 11)
21: Kiss Me Quick (11)

Running time: 79 minutes!!

Content: 4+  Sound: 6-  Artwork: 3

Review by Patrick

Elvis Aaron Presley is someone you never forget and the first release of KMQ (Kiss Me Quick) is definately one you never forget. On "Kiss Me Quick Little Sister" are the five songs included Elvis recorded on June 25 & 26 1961 at RCA's Studio B in Nashville. The songs are 'Kiss Me Quick', 'That's Someone You Never Forget', 'His Latest Flame', 'I'm Yours' and 'Little Sister'.

Let's start with a general look at this cd. The artwork of this release is very very poor. It seems like they had to design it at the very last moment. At this point they really can learn something from e.g. the Madison label and their "Breathing Out Fire". The packaging too is "not done". The cd comes in a paper sleeve with both sides still open. To prevent the cd from falling on the floor they put a plastic sleeve with it. Even a cardboard sleeve would have been better!

The artwork and the packaging are very poor, but the content of this release is just breathtaking! Almost the complete session of June 25 & 26 1961 is included here. Almost. Not the complete session as the backcover states. First of all because the masters of the five songs are excluded (only the master of 'Little Sister', take 4, is included). Take 1 of 'I'm Yours' and take 1 of 'That's Someone You Never Forget' aren't included as well. These two takes can be found on RCA's 'From Nashville To Memphis The Essential 60's Masters I' and on Bilko's "There's Always Me Volume 3". Take 11 of 'Little Sister' and take 12 of 'His Latest Flame' are also not included here, but can be heard on "The Alternate Volume Three". The backcover also states that take 8 of 'His Latest Flame' doesn't excists, but according to the session information take 8 is the master take.

The soundquality of "Kiss Me Quick Little Sister" really is vibrant stereo! Better than this is almost impossible. The sound of the Little Sister takes is much better than on 'The Alternate Volume Three'. The only (very minor) sound distortion is during the few seconds of session talk at the beginning of take 4 of 'Kiss Me Quick' and at the beginning of take 9, 10 & 11 of 'His Latest Flame'. But these are just minor noises and certainly don't influence the sound-quality or listening pleasure of this release.

All in all this release is without a doubt the best Elvis import-release since 'Finding The Way Home' on the Southern Style label. Simply a must have for an Elvis fan.

In one word: Essential!!!

Content: 5
Sound: 6-
Artwork: 2

Reviewed by Patrick (from the deep down south of Holland)

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