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Here we have the bootlegs from Venus Production. Some of the bootlegs have been reviewed by me or other contributors. It also contains a grading of content, sound and artwork quality of each bootleg. Click on image to go to the bootleg you want to read about. The bootlegs are listed after the release date, starting with the first (Black Angels In Vegas) and so on...

Black Angels In Vegas
Bringing It All Back Home
Christmas Today
Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire
Welcome To The Jungle - Never Again
Welcome To The Jungle - The Last Farewell
Welcome To The Jungle - Way Down
Leaving Jackson On Fire
On A Jet To The Promised Land
Welcome To The Jungle - Hurt
Keep Rolling On
Singer Presents Elvis
Unedited Masters - Stax 1973
Unedited Masters - Nashville 1970
Operation Big Apple
8th Wonder Of The World
Unedited Masters - Nashville 1971
Unedited Masters - Hollywood to Nashville 1972 - 1980
Unedited Masters - Nashville 1970 Revisited
Hard Knocks

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