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LET IT ROLL (Madison CWP 014) (Released 2006)

1.  Review by Oven Egeland
Different 70's studio material
 1: It's Midnight (rehearsal*)
 2: It's Midnight (take 10) [Platinum]
 3: Bosom Of Abraham (3) [Platinum]
 4: I'm Leavin' (unedited master)
 5: Always On My Mind (take 2, unedited) [Platinum]
 6: Always On My Mind (take 3, unedited) [6363 Sunset]
 7: Promised Land (take 5, unedited) [Platinum]
 8: My Way (master, original mix) [Ess. 70's Masters]
 9: Johnny B. Goode/O Holy Night (jam*) [May 18, 1971]
10: Patch It Up (unedited master)
11: Help Me (Saginaw, May 3 1977*) [multi-track]
12: Without Love (1) [Suspicious Minds]
13: Without Love (2*, 3, 4) [Memphis Sessions]
14: Without Love (undubbed master)

* Denotes new material

Content: 4-  Sound: 6  Artwork: 6

A Touch of Platinum
(Review by Oven Egeland)

Madison's "Let It Roll" has been out for quite some time now and has in general gotten very high ratings from Elvis fans familiar with bootlegs. What is it with this CD that makes it so popular?

Looking at the tracklist on the cover of Let It Roll, it has some nice inclusions. Stating to feature a rehearsal and an alternative (never before released) take of 'It's Midnight', a new take of 'Bosom Of Abraham', together with a short version of 'Johnny B. Goode' and 'Holy Night' from 1971. Also featured is a multi-track outtake of 'Help Me' from Saginaw, May 3 1977. A version that didn't quite make it for inclusion on FTD's Spring Tours 77.

Already some days after its release, observant Elvis fans found out that both 'It's Midnight' and 'Bosom Of Abraham' were the same versions found on BMG's Platinum released back in 1997! A definite set-back, indeed! Actually, the only - never before heard - music on this CD are a brief rehearsal of 'It's Midnight', some 1 minute and 15 seconds of 'Johnny B. Goode/Holy Night/Talking' from 1971 and 'Help Me' from Saginaw 1977. Not bad, but certainly below what Madison self would like us to believe. Do better home work next time, this is not the first occasion of so-called new findings, proving to be something else (*).

Now that we know what is on the CD, what is really on the CD? Well, the rehearsal of 'It's Midnight' is a nice inclusion. It works as a perfect buildup to the previously available take 10 of the same song. Actually, 'It's Midnight' sounds better on this disc than it does on Platinum! It is not very common that bootlegs releases comes in better sound than the official release, but it does so here!

The same word applies to 'Bosom Of Abraham'. It is the Platinum version (take 3), but in slightly better sound. However, the songs start and then stops, before it starts again! Why not fix this tape error?

'I'm Leavin' really doesn't offer anything new. Neither does take 2, nor take 3 of 'Always On My Mind'. Both are officially available and have been for a number of years. Both these songs come in a rather dull sound compared to the other tracks on this CD. Even more, also on take 3 there is a tape error that should be fixed before release. Elvis saying "Get out..." and "Get out, motherfucker" is the same sequence, though here it is presented like two different ones!

'Promised Land' also from Platinum sounds better here and is running all the way to the very end, like all takes on this CD. 'My Way' from Essential 70's Masters is presented in what is said to be the original mix. It sounds a bit different, but still is a dull version of the song! From the Christmas session in 1971 we get a few seconds of a warm-up version of 'Johnny B. Goode'. It sounds loose as a goose, but would be nice to have in a complete form. After this Elvis shouts out "O Holy Night" and continues to warm up with a reverse 'The First Noel', "Leon!, Leon!" He sure sounds frenetic here!

'Patch It Up' has a clipped intro, but runs all the way to Felton Jarvis' "It's a gas" comment. 'Help Me' from Saginaw, May 3 1977 comes in great sound. Almost better fidelity than the similar tracks on Spring Tours 77. However, it sure is a poor delivery from Elvis. He sounds very week all through the song and I understand why FTD chose to include 'Help Me' from Ann Arbor a week before on their release Spring Tours 77.

The CD ends already after 5 takes of 'Without Love' (3 tracks on the CD). Thus making the running time on this CD unusually short!

To summarize this CD it is fair to say that it is a nice one. Even with short running time and false information from Madison, most tracks are welcomed. Especially track 1, 2, 7, 9 and 11. The artwork is stunning like eh... normal from Madison!

(*) Other bummers by Madison:

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Fake long version of title track)
A Legendary Performer Vol. 6 (Three fake tracks from Kissin' Cousins)
A Legendary Performer Vol. 7 (One fake track from Kissin' Cousins)
A Legendary Performer Vol. 7 (Said to contain 'If You Love Me' from Spring 1977! Yeah right! Try Las Vegas, March 1975!)
A Legendary Performer Vol. 8 (Said to contain unreleased version of 'Kismet' already available officially.)

© , Norway, October 2006

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