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In this section you'll find a systematic overview over the different bootleg-releases containing material from 1973. Some of the bootlegs have been reviewed by me or other contributors. The bootlegs are listet after the release date of content, starting with January 12 (Alternate Aloha) and ending with Stax Studio, December 1973...

Alternate Aloha
Don't Think Twice
It's A Matter Of Time
Vegas Rhythm
Turning Up The Heat in Las Vegas
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Faded Love
Kicking And Rolling
What Now My Love
At The Top Of The Game
Storm Over Portland
Back In Portland
Shinging In Portland
Grand Roulette At The Sahara
High Sierra Fever
The Perfect Gift (CD-R)
The Man In White Vol. 4
Born To Give Us Fever
Raised In Vegas
The Sound Of Vegas Vol. 1
A Profile Vol. 1
Burst Of Fire
Caught In The Act
Before Darkness Falls
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Down At The End Of Paradise Rd
Getting Down To Business
High Spirit In Vegas
A Change Of Mind
Opening Night '72
A Private Moment With The King
Stax Trax
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3
Louisiana To Tennessee
On A Jet To The Promised Land
Unedited Masters - Stax 1973

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