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In this section you'll find a systematic overview over the different bootleg-releases. Some of the bootlegs have been reviewed by me or other contributors. Click on image to go to the bootleg you want to read about.

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Double "G"
Mac Records
J.R. Prod.

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Next Stop Fayetteville
Still Crazy...
Las Vegas Happening
Opening Night 1971
Last Stop In Mobile
Dayton Reloaded
Showroom Internationale '71
Exceeding All Expectations
Once And For All
The Final Farewell
Getting Down To Business
High Spirit In Vegas
The Sound Of Vegas Vol. 2
You'll Never Walk Alone
Where No One Stands Alone
The Vegas Years Vol. 2
Patch It Up
Since Cininnati
 Focus  Review
Let It Be Me
The Sound Of Vegas Vol. 1
Early Morning Rain
A Thunder In The Night
The Vegas Years Vol. 1
What Now My Love
That's All Right Anyway You Do
Tucson '72
Not Too Sweet
Trying To Get To Memphis
The Hampton Roads Concert
Americas Own
Elvis Rocks Lincoln
Focus  Review
One Night
Focus  Review
The Greensboro Concert
Having Fun With Elvis On Stage Vol. 5
The Perfect Gift (CD-R)
A Capital Performance (LMP)
Focus  Review
We'll Make You Happy
Sheik Of The Desert
Rip It Up
No Fooling Around
The Eagle Has Landed
Too Hot To Handle
Still Rocking The Nation
Focus  Review
Springtime In Saginaw
Focus  Review
Memories From Kalamazoo
Focus  Review
Bringing The House Down
In The Shadow...
Having Fun With Elvis On Stage Vol. 4
Top Acts In Vegas Vol. 2
Kiss Me Quick Little Sister
It's Midnight In Vegas
Camera And Microphone Rehearsal
Having Fun With Elvis On Stage Vol. 3
Unchained Elvis

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