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Moody Blue (FTD)
This is the classic album upgrade of Moody Blue. Moody Blue was Elvis last studio album before he died. Due to lack of studio masters, Felton Jarvis also added four live tracks on it. Three from spring 1977 and one track from 1974.

This double CD gives masters, undubbed master, rough-mix masters and several outtakes. Interestingly there are two more takes of 'It's Easy For You' (take 3 and 4). However, they are both false starts. This release also gives two previously unreleased takes of 'Way Down', take 1 and take 2B. They are both long false starts, but proves that the final master is take 2c. Even more; take 2A is the same take as first released on Platinum. This inclusion proves that the Platinum version has been both edited and overdubbed. Perhaps it was considered an alternate master back in 1977?

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From Elvis At American Sound Studios (FTD)
This double CD, presented like the classic album upgrades, contains tracks that were not suited for, or had to be axed from, the previous Classic Album upgrades of both From Elvis In Memphis and Back In Memphis.

Containing several new outtakes, even some not already available unofficially! Always a goodie!

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The On Stage Season
This 2 CD release from Follow That Dream contains soundboard recordings from Elvis' second season in Las Vegas. Featuring the opening show on January 26 and the closing show on February 23, both have been heavily bootlegged starting 30 years ago!

The sound quality on this release is technically better than on previous bootlegs. However, that doesn't necessarily means an easier listening experience. Especially the opening show has severly microphone overload on Elvis' vocal, which is more prominent on this new release than on Madisons Opening Night 1970.

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G. I. Blues Vol. 2
Cafe Europa - G. I. BLUES VOL. 2
Volume 2 in the G. I. Blues.

Containing both masters and outtakes, this album also aim to give the Elvis collector tracks not already released officially before.

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Elvis At Stax
Out late July 2013 was this new Sony Legacy release. Released both as a single CD and a triple CD in the same style as "Prince From Another Planet" some months ago.

It contains all the masters from the Stax Sessions in Memphis, both July and December 1973. In addition it also contains several outtakes previously released (mostly on Essential Elvis Vol. 5. These tracks have been both re-mixed and re-mastered severely.

A decent release from Sony.

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Hot August Night (FTD)
Released July 2013. This is another multi-track recording from late August 1969. This time we get the midnight show from August 25. Interestingly this show produced many of the live masters later used for Elvis In Person. Overall it is also one of the best shows professionally recorded. Of minor details I especially like the long intro to a powerhouse version of 'Suspicious Minds".

It is nice to the the show in its complete from. Although much from this concert have already been released in good sound before, there are still unreleased gems to be found. Mixed in a vintage style, but better then Elvis In Person back in 1969 and later Sony/FTD issues handled by Vic Anesini.

It's absolutely PERFECT sonic- and mixingwise! And comes in a 7" deluxe package!

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Sold Out (FTD)
This 2 CD release from Follow That Dream contains a soundboard recording from both Tulsa, March 1 and Cleveland, June 21 1974. Both shows are previously unreleased, although 'Sweet Caroline' from Tulsa was issued on Forty Eight Hours To Memphis.

The sound quality is really good on both soundboards. The Tulsa one from March is my favorite, but even the otherwise dull June soundboard from 1974 sparkle here. I believe that som good care must have been taken on both soundboards.

Prepared by the same guys (Frieser and Slebo) that made the above mentioned Forty Eight Hours To Memphis. It comes as a 7" deluxe edition with relevant photos and lyrics.

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As Recorded Live In Memphis (Vinyl) (FTD)
To be released August 2013.

Stay Away, Joe (FTD)
Released in May 2013. Focusing on the Stay Away, Joe sessions and featuring several outtakes of the title track.

Also containing some new outtakes of 'Goin' Home' and 'Dominic', while large portions of new outtakes otherwise are mostly false starts only.

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Back In Memphis (FTD)
This double CD, classic album upgrade from FTD came out May 2013.

On two full CD's we get the original album, previously released outtakes and some new outtakes. Also contains a batch of undubbed masters.

The sound quality is great, but perhaps even more stellar on Back In Memphis released some months ago.

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Summer Of '61
This FTD/Flaming Star book and CD combo looks at the summer months of 1961. Main focus is on the making of "Follow That Dream", filmed on location in Florida.

The book presents original newspaper articles, new interviews from the cast and crew, plus details about scenes deleted from the final print.

Contains 200 unpublished photos taken from the original negatives and a CD with final masters from the movie, plus two demo recordings of 'What A Wonderful Life'.
The Best Of British
The book contains over 1000 rare and unpublished photographs, the illustrations connected to the songs, the recordings and the promotion of Elvis by HMV in Britain.

Included are every Elvis track released by HMV. Added to these are bonus songwriter demos and Elvis outtakes to complete the audio story upon which the foundation of the global popular music culture and industry was built.
Aloha From Hawaii - Legacy
Released in March 2013 is the double CD legacy edition of "Aloha From Hawaii".

CD-1 contains the main show, while CD-2 contains the "rehersal" show. This is the first release of this concert in normal sound quality, as the 1988 release was mixed to a strange output using computers preferences more than human ear-preferences.

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