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In this section you'll find a systematic overview over the different bootleg-releases containing material from 1976. Some of the bootlegs have been reviewed by me or other contributors. The bootlegs are listet after the release date of content, starting with February 1976 (Elvis Among Friends) and ending with New Years Eve (Auld Lang Syne)...

Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire
Welcome To The Jungle - Never Again
Welcome To The Jungle - The Last Farewell
Welcome To The Jungle - Way Down
Welcome To The Jungle - Hurt
Elvis Among Friends
Phoenix Over Tenneesse
Springtime Tours '76 - '77
Steamrollin' Charlotte
Running For President
Holding Back The Years
A New Kind Of Rhythm
California Wave
Slippin' and Slidin' With Elvis
Live At The Lakeside
A Triple Threat
..And Then The Lights Went Down
El Goes El Paso
 Focus  Review
Holding Down The Forth
 Focus  Review
Atlanta Bound
One Night At The Omni
One Helluva Night
Matinee Majesty
My It's Been A Long, Long Time
 Focus  Review
Goodbye Memphis
 Focus  Review
Charlston Rocks
 Focus  Review
Across The Country
 Focus  Review
Bicenntial Elvis Experience
 Focus  Review
Houston, We Have A Problem
 Focus  Review
Old Times They Are Not Forgotten
 Focus  2x Review
One Night In Alabama
 Focus  Review
 Focus  Review
Elvis At The Bay
Still Rocking The Nation
 Focus  Review
The Man In White Vol. 2
 Focus  Review
Chicago Beat
Bringing The House Down
Eternal Flame
Royal Gambit In Richfield
Last Time In Portland
Rocking Northwest
America The Beautiful
San Francisco Blues
The Nation's Only Atomic Powered Singer
The Last Vegas Opening Night
Now - Or Never!
Love Letters From Nevada
Here Come The Stars
The Sound Of Vegas Vol. 2
Presley At The Hilton
Run On
A Private Audience With The King
Trouble In Vegas
Black Diamonds
A Hot Winter Night In Dallas
 3x Review 
At Full Force
Burning In Birminham
 2x Review 
F1rst Time Birmingham
High Voltage
Auld Lang Syne

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