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In this section you'll find a systematic overview over the different bootleg-releases from Straight Arrow. This label has so far offered previously unreleased material from good audience recording sources. The bootlegs are listet after the release date, starting with the first (Pieces Of My Life) and so on...

Pieces Of My Life
Tennessee Starlight
Going Back In Time
Chaos In College Park
Red Hot In Vegas
Kicking And Rolling
High Sierra Fever
Rock Back The Clock
Royal Gambit In Richfield
Trying To Get To You
Countdown To Christmas
The Last Vegas Opening Night
A Change Of Mind
Here Come The Stars
Karate Fever
Faded Love
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
A Private Audience With The King
Funny How Time Slips Away
Matinee Majesty
You'll Never Walk Alone
Atlanta Bound
Down At The End Of Paradise Rd
Ok, Allright, You Win
A Triple Threat
Before Darkness Falls
Watching Dreams Turn Into Ashes
Labor Day Madness
Lonesome Summer Breeze
Christmas Lights On A Friday Night
Amore Elvis
Wednesday Night Roll Over!
With A Humble Heart
Chicago Double Strike
Left A Good Job In The City
Hot Love In A Long, Cold Winter
Southern Gypsy Magic
To Live And Die In Dixie
Tanya For Dinner
Loosin' Out In Vegas
Living From Day To Day Chasing A Dream
Endless Summer Festival
Sin City's Hottest Ticket
Walkin' Talkin' Glitz City Blues
On A Winning Streak
Adios Lincoln
Rattling Plates, Aces'n'Eights
A New Decade, A New Sound
The King Hold's Court
Lightening Strikes Twice
Meet Me At...Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe
Loose As A Goose!
Doin' The Best I Can
Almost Done, Folks!
Hot To Trot!
Ol' Snake Hips Is In Town
The Man From Memphis
Onondaga Nights
Burning Hot Tonight
Bright Light, Big City
Solid As Rock
Charlie, Bring Me The Request Box
Last Stint At The International
A Killer Nite!
Holding His Own In Tahoe
One For The Ladies
Too Late For Goodbyes
A Vegas Fling With The King
Got Me Workin' Boss Man
A Brand New Cadillac, Honey
On Fire In Florida
Stormy Weather Ahead
Breakdown In Baltimore
Rockin' And Lovin' In Las Vegas
Philadelphia Freedom
Rippin' It In Cincinnati
He's The One In '71
Rhumble In Rhode Island
My Wish Came True
There's A Sweet Spirit

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